is Baahuballi part – 3 will come?

Baahubali has released the first part of the background to create sensation Records.. The second part began with curiosity. Rajamouli’s father Vijayendra Prasad’s comments raise more interest in this. We have seen one Rana, one kattapa, dual Prabhas on Baahubali Part 1. The whole story of baahubali has 2 kattappa’s, 2 Rana’s, 3 Prabhas’s Vijayendra Prasad said.

Baahubali part 2 will be last? Baahubali Part 3 also would be? Vijayendra Prasad responding to the question of whether a TV interview it would plan to Part 3, depending on the response to the second part.

Baahubali success as well as the Mahabharat film Vijayendra Prasad said his aim. He will make the Great Indian epics Ramayanam, Mahabharat film’s are his aim. Vijayendra Prasad said that Baahubali’s success will generate the Mahabharata film.