Interesting Facts About The Things We See In Our Daily Life That You Didn’t Know

We are seeing and using so many things in our daily life, and we have seen some symbols in that things but we don’t know the meaning of such symbols. Here are the some interesting facts about the things that we see in our daily life.

#1 Cosmetics Jar

If you want to keep your cosmetic jar fresh,please see the symbol on your cosmetic jar. The symbol will indicates the expiration period of that. From the above image, we are seeing 12M, here M stands for months we can also seen W on some products, here W stands for weeks.

#2 Multicolored Toothpaste

Some toothpastes are come in three different colours. Each colour has its own special properties. White has fluoride for whiter teeth, red keeps your gums clean, and blue/green keeps your breath fresh throughout the day.

#3 The Crown Of The Statue Of Liberty

The crown has seven spikes it has more meaning than you thought USA Today states that its seven spikes represent the seven continents of the world and the seven oceans.