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Instagram’s new Direct replies are basically threaded messaging for photos



Instagram’s Direct messages are becoming a bit more powerful. Following the addition of threaded conversations earlier this week, you can now directly reply to specific individual photos or videos shared with you with your own media

Basically, when you tap the reply button on a photo or video in Direct, it will show up as a sticker onto which you can overlay your reaction. It’s kind of hard to put into words, so a screengrab will do a better job of explaining it:

You can also show the sticker in a split screen view, or draw on it, because who doesn’t like to draw on faces?

It’s a clever way to make Direct a little more fun and useful, and capitalize on the Snapchat-inspired functionality that has helped power Instagram’s continued growth. Instagram is a visual medium, after all, so what better way to reply to a photo than with another photo? It’s basically the visual version of threaded messaging.

The feature is rolling out as part of Instagram version 10.34 on Android and iOS. Now how long until someones creates the Direct reply equivalent of an infinity mirror?

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Bigg Boss 11, Episode 50, 20 November 2017: Hina, Sapna, Priyank, Shilpa get nominated



Bigg Boss 11 housemates wake up to the foot-tapping number, ‘Mangta Hai Toh Aaja Rasiya’. All the contestants dance except Priyank, who has  seen crying over Benafsha’s exit from the house. Hina comes and comforts him saying he will take some time to get back to normal.

Hina Khan on Bigg Boss 11

Hina Khan on Bigg Boss 11

Inside the house, an argument erupts between Arshi and Akash. Arshi says that she will make Akash use his safety shield. She says that the ‘takla’ has come so far and survived for last eight weeks on the show because of her and Shilpa. Contestants are given a new nomination task. There are four contestants in the safe zone. There will be an alarm and once it rings, one of those safe contestants have to switch their places with a contestant from the safe zone. Hina, Vikas, Arshi and Hiten are in the safe zone, and everyone else but Bandgi (because she is the captain this week) are in the unsafe zone. There is a huge disagreement between the contestants from safe zone.

After the first alarm, Arshi, Hiten, Vikas gang up against Hina and throw her out. Hina picks Priyank to switch places with. After that, Hina, Sapna and Luv discuss their strategy. Luv says that Vikas can do anything to turn the tables. Hina convinces Luv to enter the safe zone last. Hina tells Sapna that she is surprised with Hiten’s game plan and clever move. Sapna says that Hiten is doing the wrong thing and that she is losing respect for him. In the safe zone, Hiten tells his strategy. He says that now saving himself is up to himself and he would do anything to achieve that. Priyank and Vikas have an argument inside the house.

On the next alarm, Priyank is thrown out of the safe zone. He sends Sapna in the safe zone. After the next alarm, Hina volunteers to go in the safe zone. Sapna is thrown out of the safe zone. Hina makes a new strategy to stay in the safe zone. Vikas consults Shilpa about who should be the next one to exit the safe zone.

Priyank says that he will send Sapna to the safe zone. Vikas says, in that case, they will not send him out of the safe zone. This is because Vikas and Arshi think that Sapna will send Luv inside at the next buzzer. Hina brings out Sapna from the kitchen and whispers in her ear to not say Luv’s name in front of them. Sapna promises that she will send Hina to the safe zone when her turn comes. At the next buzzer, Priyank steps out and sends Sapna inside the house. Vikas changes the game then and says that now he will step outside and will send Hina inside.

Hiten says that he believes Sapna that she will not save Luv but Hina. So he convinces others to let Sapna step out. Vikas gives up and agrees to send Sapna out. Sapna steps out and pretends about rethinking her decision. She tells everyone that she might have promised Vikas that she will send Hina in but she has already promised Luv that she will take his side. Arshi, Vikas and Hiten lash out at Sapna for breaking her promise. Sapna sends Luv to the safe zone. Arshi and Shilpa blast Sapna saying that her true self has been exposed.

Bandgi, too, questions Sapna why she promised two people.  A fight starts between Bandgi and Sapna. Sapna says that she is not like her getting cozy with her boyfriend while Bandgi looks into the camera and addressing the North Indians, she says that Sapna has broken her promise. Akash goes and instigates Sapna against Shilpa that the latter was saying that she will show Sapna her ‘aukaat’. Sapna lashes out at Shilpa for this and both have a heated argument.

Hina, Sapna, Shilpa, Akash, Priyank and Puneesh are nominated. Akash uses his safety shield. Bandgi gets a special power to save one contestant. She saves Puneesh. Hina, Sapna, Priyank, Shilpa are the final ones nominated.

Puneesh tells Hiten that he should start listening to Vikas. Other contestants are also worried because Hiten is seen spending more time with Vikas who is known to be the mastermind. Hina and Sapna say that they are happy that they saved Luv. Sapna says that it is either of them who will go out of the house this weekend. Hina says that it could even be Priyank as he is not doing anything inside the house.

During another conversation with Puneesh and Bandgi, Hina agrees that Sapna might go out this week. Meanwhile, Shilpa and Arshi discuss Sapna’s betrayal and her outburst. Arshi wonders who was supporting Sapna as even the show host Salman Khan keeps saying that her supporters were unhappy with her. Arshi further says that Hina was firing from Sapna’s shoulder and Shilpa adds that Hina was using Sapna because she feared her (Shilpa).


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Padmavati release deferred: Shahid Kapoor says, ‘I choose to remain optimistic; it is not the time to be angry’




Nov,21 2017 10:16 43 IST

Panaji: Actor Shahid Kapoor today said rather than being angry, he chooses to be optimistic about the future of Padmavati, whose release has been postponed amid protests by various Rajput groups and political leaders.

Shahid is one of the guests from Bollywood to attend the inaugural ceremony of the International Film Festival of India (IFFI) in Panaji, Goa.

“Sometimes films of this nature…. it gets a bit complicated. I will choose to be optimistic till the due course is done. This is not the time to be angry, not the time to lose your cool. There are enough people doing that. So I would choose to say that I believe in the process,” Shahid told reporters at the IFFI red carpet.

Shahid Kapoor arrives at IFFI 2017's red carpet in Panaji, Goa. Image via Facebook

Shahid Kapoor arrives at IFFI 2017’s red carpet in Panaji, Goa. Image via Facebook

“I am sure Padmavati will come out. It is a film we are very very proud of. I am sure once people see the film, all this will be forgotten.”

He also condemned the violent threats against co-star Deepika Padukone, calling it “shameful”.

“Of course, any kind of conversation which is violent is not in good taste. I think it was absolutely uncalled for. I hope we will live up to the expectation of the people. I don’t want to make any comments specific to a group,” he said when asked to respond to Shri Rajput Karni Sena’s comments.


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Sai Dharam Tej’s Jawan: Highlights Of Pre-release Event!



The young horse from the Mega camp, who is in quest of a big hit, is seen piling his efforts for a deserving success. Supreme hero Sai Dharam Tej’s Jawan pre-release event was held on 19th November and the function was conducted on a grand scale. With thousands of Mega fans and followers gracing the event, we bring you the highlights of the event.

Sai Dharam Tej

Sharing the experience about the humble beginning of his life, Sai thanked the entire cast and crew of the movie for their contributions. He had some special words for SS Thaman as the duo are close friends outside the industry as well.


The supreme hero as well thanked Prasanna for being a good senior turned friend by chipping in with inputs and claimed that Mehreen, the heroine of the movie to be the golden leg of the industry.

Sai shared that his uncle, Pawan Kalyan was a Jawan to his family and in turn, he would be a Jawan to all three maternal uncles. He also congratulated Power Star Pawan Kalyan for winning the prestigious IEBF award in the Global Business Summit held in London.

KS Ravindra (Bobby)

The Sardaar Gabbar Singh director wished the team of Jawan and thanked Sai Dharam Tej specifically. He spoke high on Sai Dharam Tej personally called the director and offered to work together right after the poor result of Sardaar Gabbar Singh.

Harish Shankar

An ardent fan of Pawan Kalyan, the DJ director felt that the euphoria at the event was much similar to a Pawan Kalyan’s movie event. Harish heaped praises on his friend turned music director, SS Thaman for some foot tapping numbers.


If all had fallen in places, Harish had to don the role of a co-producer for Jawan, but due to his prior commitments, the same did not materialize. Harish also congratulated BVS Ravi, the director of the movie for his writing skills and the command who holds on the said avenue.

SS Thaman

The musical magician started his crisp speech by thanking the producer, Krishna, with whom the association dates back to the days of Pokkiri. He also highlighted his friendship with Sai Dharam Tej and claimed that BVS Ravi would be the most wanted director of Tollywood.

Dil Raju

The presenter of the movie opened up his speech by drawing references to Pawan Kalyan’s Janasena party and Jawan movie. He comically claimed that the team of Jawan attacked him instantly requesting him to be part of the movie and there was no other go for the passionate producer but to give a positive nod.

He heaped praises on SS Thaman for his rerecording and foot tapping numbers. He wished the heroine of the movie, Mehreen, to be blessed with her fourth consecutive hit in the form of Jawan.

Mehreen Pirzada

The cute and bubbly heroine opened up about her characterization, Bhargavi, and thanked BVS Ravi for such a cute role. She wished the movie to be hugely successful and continue her winning streak.



The talented Tamil actor has set his foot into the Telugu cinema with Jawan. Director BVS Ravi, personally welcomed Prasanna into the Telugu filmdom. The antagonist of the movie spoke in flawless Telugu and thanked writers Kona Venkat and Gopi Mohan for suggesting his name to BVS Ravi.


He also claimed that he was indebted to the movie’s director as he was sure that a lot of positive outcome would be followed after this movie though the role given to him was that of a negative one.

BVS Ravi

The director spoke about his journey with the movie and thanked Sai Dharam Tej for his constant support and helping hand throughout the process of the movie. He said that the producer of the movie, Krishna, was more of a brother to him and Dil Raju being the backbone and guide to the entire team.

Jawan, is all set to release on December 1 and the movie stars Sai Dharam Tej, Mehreen Pirzaada, Prasanna & Kota Srinivas Rao in the lead roles. The movie has been bankrolled by Krishna under the banner of Arunachal creations and has been directed by BVS Ravi, the writer of Munna, Parugu & Athithi movies. SS Thaman is said to have rendered some pumping songs and riveting background score to the movie.


Sai Dharam Tej

Story first published: Tuesday, November 21, 2017, 12:21 [IST]


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