Fantastic Four Vanished Because Marvel is a Hot Mess

The Fantastic Four have finally returned to the Marvel Universe after years lacking, and have lastly revealed the rationale they disappeared. In line with Reed Richards, he and his spouse disappeared as a result of being a Marvel hero turned an infinite slog of 1 world-ending disaster, or epic supervillain scheme after one other.

That is a motive that even followers of Marvel’s motion pictures can perceive, now that Infinity War has raised the stakes to the extent of universe-wide homicide. And with Reed Richards, Sue Storm, and their children now making their approach again into Marvel’s common world, they’re doing do with hopes of taking up a brand new mission. As an alternative of combating villains, it feels like the brand new Incredible 4 are going to be specializing in breaking down scientific partitions, as an alternative of actual ones. And hopefully, turning into one thing MORE than simply one other staff of “tremendous heroes.”

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The reason for the lengthy absence of the Richards household is lastly given on this week’s preview of Marvel Two-in-One #11, when Ben Grimm and Reed take the highlight collectively. Till now the comedian has been named for the twin heroes The Thing and the Human Torch, the one two members of the unique staff who “survived” Marvel’s large Secret Wars occasion. We cannot rehash your complete occasion right here, however solely say that it was Reed Richards who lastly saved the Marvel Multiverse within the occasion’s remaining act, taking his spouse Sue with him right into a presumed loss of life. Besides, as Marvel followers discovered forward of the Fantastic Four’s new comic being introduced, they did not die in any respect.

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They have been spending the years since Secret Wars rebuilding Marvel’s multiverse, solely now returning with their son and daughter. Evidently, Ben asks to know why Reed and Sue left him and Johnny behind… and after years of questioning, Mister Incredible offers a motive followers by no means anticipated.

All credit score should go to Chip Zdarsky and the artwork staff for not solely reminding Ben Grimm what the Incredible 4 had been initially purported to be, however the readers, as effectively. Earlier than answering Ben’s query – “Why did ya depart us behind? Me and Johnny…” – Reed takes him to a random universe, the place the Richards household exhaustively researched a sentient type of water. As soon as Ben stops listening to the cutting-edge, theoretical biology Reed is detailing, defending his disinterest by claiming he “forgot how boring you will be,” Reed does not have to elucidate in any respect. He and Sue are scientists, whose total life’s work was purported to be made up of scientific examine and world-changing breakthroughs. The type of stuff Ben, Johnny, different heroes, and doubtless loads of readers simply discover “boring.”

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With the Marvel Universe making him (the world’s most sensible man) and his teammates (one-of-a-kind proofs of theoretical physics) into plain outdated tremendous heroes, tasked with combating villains and going through extra “thrilling” challenges, Reed and Sue apparently tapped out in Secret Wars. They took their kids to find the multiverse, and increase their minds the best way ‘the youngsters of the Incredible 4’ at all times ought to have. However now that they’ve returned to a comic book e book universe as embroiled in Infinity Stone war as the MCU, is it time to surrender science as soon as once more, and simply present how good they’re at beating up unhealthy guys?

That is still to be seen, however a minimum of now followers have a motive – and a good one, at that – for the Incredible 4 disappearing from Marvel Comics. A greater motive than the rumored, vengeful one, anyway. Take a look at the total particulars for the approaching subject hitting stands this Wednesday, beneath:

  • Author: Chip Zdarsky
  • Artwork: Ramon Perez
  • Cowl: Paul Renaud
  • THE FANTASTIC FOUR are BACK! However there’s fallout from their absence, each within the universe and within the household. The THING and MISTER FANTASTIC go on a voyage to rectify errors and heal wounds…however is it too late?

Marvel Two-in-One #11 will likely be accessible on October 31st, from Marvel Comics.

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