ICICI has integrated Apple’s voice assistant on its Money2India (M2I) app for international remittance service. This is a first for a bank in India to integrate Siri for internal remittances. ICICI Bank users living outside India can now activate Siri to send money to any bank in India. Money2India app is available for download on App Store for iPhones and iPads.

With the integration of Siri, the previous five-step process for sending money can be avoided. To use this feature on needs to simply command Siri by speaking out the nickname given to the registered payee on the M2I app. After this, you need to mention the amount of money to be sent to the payee. For example, you can recite the command in one sentence which can be something like – “Send $100 to Mom with Money2India”.

The M2I app will then open and you will need to login using either Touch ID, mPin, or user ID and password. You will then need to confirm the transaction details, select the purpose of transfer, and finally click submit to complete the transfer. ICICI Bank says that this process is “protected by the Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) parameter of device authentication and secure login by the customer”. ALSO READ: Apple makes Siri sound more natural with machine learning

Speaking on the launch of this feature, Vijay Chandok, Executive Director of ICICI Bank says, “We are the first in India and among few banks globally to enable customers to initiate a cross-border remittance with just a simple voice command. With the growing prominence of mobility devices in every-day life, customers are using functionalities like voice commands frequently on their devices. We believe that our customers will be delighted to have this avenue which allows them to transfer money seamlessly, while using their mobile phone, rather than engaging with a separate banking platform.” ALSO READ: Hey Siri, what is Bulgaria’s national anthem? ‘Despacito’