How Old are You? an Online Fun Tool From Microsoft

Microsoft has developed a face recognition program that will what no polite human would ever do – tell you specifically how old you actually look. you merely you simply a photograph of yourself or others and wait the computer’s cold, hard, cold-eyed judgment.

Corom Thompson and Santosh Balasubramanian set up the page as a lark to test out a bit of facial recognition software recently released by Microsoft. “We sent email to a group of several hundred people asking them to try the page for a few minutes and give us feedback – optimistically hoping that at least 50 people would give it a shot,” they wrote in a blog post. “Within a few hours, over 35,000 users had hit the page from all over the world.”

It wasn’t meant to be a viral hit, however that is what it turned out to be, and currently thousands upon thousands a lot of have uploaded pictures of themselves, relations, movie stars and anyone else they will consider.

The system is not correct, however it tends to get the decade right. Microsoft chief operating officer Satya Nadella, as an example, is 47, not 42. Some guesses are off by more. an image of Gollum from “The Lord of the Rings” returned 89 years, although according to lore he was nearly 500 once Bilbo found him in “The hobbit.”

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