Hansika has 499/500 marks: why is it reduced? A student going to court

Generally, if one gets 100 hundred or 99 marks in public exams, the tribe will be happy. Make a homepiece celebration. There is a climate in the house for a couple of days. But here, the student has achieved 499 marks for the entire 500 marks. But that student is not satisfied. That's why the single mark has been reduced to the court. The name of that student is Hunsaka Shukla. Ghaziabad resident of Uttar Pradesh. The results of the 12th class examination recently revealed . Hansika has scored 499 marks for 500 marks. In English alone, there were 100 marks. The remaining four subjects got 100 marks. As a result, the student achieved 499 marks for the entire 500 marks. However, the student's decision to make a legal fight on why the single mark was dropped in the English examination. The CBSE board has revealed that if it does not regulate its English subjects, the court will approach the court. She also gave full support to the student's parents. On the other hand, some students say they are creating problems that do not have the Hansika Shukla problem and whether they are retrieving or what if the court sticks down the marks.