Google has announced a WI-Fi router called cylindrical OnHub for $ 199 , but according to a statement from the company said that it provides the ability to configure and easy to use , according to Neowin.

The router configuration in the current family often very messy , old interface along with user requirements reboot frequently makes them very frustrated . Google seeks to change this with the introduction of OnHub , an intelligent router family is based on cooperation with network equipment manufacturer ‘s TP -Link Taiwan .

According to Google , OnHub will maintain automatic updates to provide new features and improved security over time. The firmware update will be less trouble than .

The router also comes an app called Google On Android and iOS for , where you can configure the router by creating a username and password . From there you can share information with friends and family via text message or email. In addition, you can monitor and control remote network , but Google did not mention control feature for parents is found on the other router .

Google did not say whether OnHub will be updated to bring a number of other features , such as DNS settings for each device or application of a time limit on the particular device .

OnHub supports all Wi – Fi standards generally, including 802.11ac , 802.15.4 , Bluetooth Smart Ready and Thread. Working with smart appliances and IoT Google . Future updates can allow it to work with other appliances .

Google says 13 OnHub equipped internal antennas , including 2.4 GHz antenna 6 , 6 and 5 GHz antenna 1 active antenna . With its cylindrical design capabilities will provide better broadcast signal in a space . Google claims this allows signal speeds up to 1,900 Mbps possible and connect up to 128 devices , including smart devices Nest thermostat .

With OnHub router , Google suggests firms are looking to do more in life joining users, expand the dominant Android mobile software around. It is unclear whether OnHub have integrated services such as Google Now or not.

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