Game of Thrones season 8: Before your watch begins, a complete recap of all 67 episodes

Season 4 | Episode 10 | The Children

Jon walks out past the Wall to a scene of devastation. Dead males are scattered within the snow like so many flies. Jon reaches the Wildling camp. He tells Mance he has come to barter. Mance asks about Ygritte, and Jon tells him she is lifeless.

Jon is about to assault Mance once they hear a horn. Stannis’ military rides down the Wildlings. The Wildlings are hunted in droves. Mance decides to give up, on seeing the way in which his males are being killed.

Jon introduces himself to Stannis as Ned Stark’s son. He prevails on Stannis to spare Mance — for the second.


Grand Maester Pyrcelle, Qyburn and Cersei look at the Mountain. He is almost lifeless of the manticore venom utilized in Oberyn Martell’s spears. Qyburn says he can save the Mountain, however his strategies will “change Ser Gregor”.

Cersei tells Tywin she won’t marry Loras, that she’s going to burn every thing down earlier than she permits anybody to separate her from Tommen. She threatens her father that she’s going to inform everybody the reality — that Tommen is a product of incest. Tywin is aghast. Later, Cersei goes to Jaime and tells him what had occurred.

A person brings the charred bones of his little woman to Daenerys; Drogon is outwardly accountable. Of Drogon himself there isn’t any signal. Daenerys realises she can’t management her dragons. She takes Viserion and Rhaegal to the catacombs beneath the good pyramid. She chains them there and cries as they name out for her.


Maester Aemon reads out the eulogy for the lifeless males as their funerals are carried out. Stannis, Selyse and Shereen watch as Jon units the pyres on fireplace. Through the flames, Jon sees Melisandre looking at him.

Jon asks Tormund if he desires to carry a funeral for the Wildlings. Tormund refuses, then tells Jon that Ygritte belonged to the North — the actual North. Jon takes Ygritte past the Wall and builds her a funeral pyre.


Jojen struggles as Bran and the others attain in sight of the weirwood. It is an imposing sight, with its full branches of pink leaves.

Wights assault Bran and the others. Bran enters Hodor’s thoughts and fights a few of them off however they’re outnumbered.

Jojen is stabbed. Just then small children-like creatures seem and save the group. Meera has to depart Jojen. The kids lead Bran et al into the weir tree; there they discover the Three-Eyed Raven. He tells them finest been watching all of them his life — along with his thousand eyes and one. The Raven tells Bran he won’t ever stroll once more, however he’ll fly.


Brienne and Pod’s horses are stolen or get lost, as they relaxation one evening close to the Eyrie. As Brienne walks via the rocks, she sees a woman practising sword combating.

Initially, they alternate well mannered dialog, then the Hound comes up — who Pod recognises — and Brienne realises the woman should be Arya.

Brienne tells Arya she was sworn to Catelyn, to guard her daughters, however the Hound muses that Brienne might be working for the Lannisters.

Brienne and the Hound struggle — a brutal match that ends with the Hound wounded, falling down a peak. Brienne and Pod search for Arya however can’t discover her as she is hiding.

Later, Arya climbs right down to the place the Hound lies damaged and bleeding, and watches him. He begs her to kill him, however Arya simply watches him. She takes his purse and walks away as he continues to plead to be killed.


Jaime frees Tyrion from his cell the evening earlier than his execution. He leaves Tyrion in a passageway and asks him to go up the steps and out a door the place Varys waits. Instead, Tyrion takes the passageway that he is aware of results in the Hand’s rooms.

As he enters the chambers that have been as soon as his, he sees a beautiful girl sprawled on the mattress. She lifts her face from the pillow and calls out “Is that you simply my lion?” and it’s Shae.

Even as Tyrion stares again at her, she grabs a knife and assaults him. He fights again, will get maintain of the thick gold chains round her neck and twists them till she dies.

Then, he takes Joffrey’s crossbow and heads to the privy, the place Tywin is seated. Tywin tries to speak Tyrion out of killing him, however he calls Shae a wore, and Tyrion shoots him.

“You usually are not my son,” Tywin shouts.

Tyrion hundreds the crossbow once more and says, “I’m your son. I all the time have been.” Then he shoots Tywin lifeless.

Tyrion reaches Varys’ room and is put right into a crat, then hoisted aboard a ship. As Varys prepares to return, he hears the bells within the Red Keep tolling and realises one thing very unhealthy has occurred. He will get on the ship too and sits stoically subsequent to the crate because the ship pulls away from shore.


Arya reaches a dockyard and sees a ship. She asks if the captain will take her North to the Wall. He refuses and says he’s crusing house to Bravos.

She exhibits him the coin Jaqen H’ghar gave her and says, “Valar Morghulis“. The captain is instantly respectful and gives her a cabin. He tells her: “Valar Dohaeris“.

Rating: ★★★★★

Things they mentioned:

Tormund to Jon [who denies Stannis is his king] — “You’ve spent too much time with us. You can never be a kneeler again.”

Dead: Shae, Tywin Lannister


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