Recent remarks from Crossbones actor Frank Grillo led fans to wonder if the character could return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but now Grillo is saying that he’s “not waiting for the phone to ring” which suggests that the character’s return isn’t currently in the works.

Crossbones made his MCU debut in Captain America: Winter Soldier as S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Brock Rumlow, the leader of Captain America’s S.T.R.I.K.E. team. Rumlow was eventually revealed to be a HYDRA plant, along with his entire team. In the final battle, a crashing helicarrier caused Rumlow’s face to be badly scarred, though he returned in Captain America: Civil War to finally assume the role of his comic book counterpart, Crossbones. After rigging his body with explosives, he tried to kill Captain America but his plans were thwarted by the Scarlet Witch. Innocent lives were lost in the explosion that killed Crossbones. The incident is what sparked the signing of the Sokovia Accords.

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In an interview with Metro about his new Netflix film Wheelman, Grillo was asked about comments he had made about the character’s potential return. According to Grillo, the actor is unaware of any plans to revive the villain.

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“Look, Marvel’s awesome. I have a long-term contract with them and it’s a superhero movie, you never know.

I don’t have any idea. I said that once before about two weeks ago and people jumped on that and thought I said Crossbones is back. No. That’s ridiculous. But we’ll see what happens. I’m not waiting for the phone to ring.”

Though clarification that a character who was blown up in an explosion isn’t coming back may seem unnecessary, it was past remarks from Grillo that started the rumors of his return. After telling Collider there was “nowhere for it to go” in January, he told Forbes in September that he was excited about “news that nobody knows yet” about Crossbones. Now that Grillo has downplayed the possibility of Crossbones of somehow appearing in a future Marvel movie, it’s hard to say to what news the actor could have been referring.

As Grillo points out, characters can be easily brought back in superhero movies, but Crossbones is one character that Marvel will most likely leave dead, unless the studio can find a good reason as well as the right story to bring him back.

Source: Metro