Foods to Increase Hemoglobin during Pregnancy

Dropping hemoglobin levels cause a major concern during pregnancy. Expecting mothers have to take care of their hemoglobin levels more as their body undergoes a massive change during these nine months. The body works harder to nourish the developing fetus. Blood volume in the body also increases by about 40% – 50% during this period, which is a huge volume. Pregnant women should therefore have iron and folic acid to meet this blood requirement. However, some of them may come across iron deficiency during the later stages of pregnancy when it is most crucial. Medicines do their work to get back your hemoglobin levels up, but here we have listed some miracle foods that can work for uplifting the hemoglobin levels during pregnancy.

  1. Leafy Vegetables – Green vegetables, especially the leafy greens are very rich in iron. Spinach, fenugreek, coriander, and mint can work as the iron powerhouse. These greens also have other nutrients and fibers essential for pregnancy. They are also good source of vitamins A and E.
  2. Fruits and Vegetables that turn black on cutting – There are many fruits and vegetables loaded with iron. The best way to know whether the fruit is rich in iron is to cut the fruit and leave it for some time. If the exposed surface turns black then that fruit is good source of iron, for example – Apple. Same rule stands true for vegetables as well. Have more of iron rich fruits and vegetables in raw form to keep the iron levels up as heating may destroy the iron content. Include vegetables like beetroot, broccoli, capsicum, and cauliflower to increase hemoglobin levels. Five portions of fruits and vegetables are must for healthy baby and mother.
  3. Dry Fruits – Dry fruits blend together health and taste. Dried figs and dates have shown promising results in increasing hemoglobin levels in all age groups. Snacking on dry fruits like raisins, walnuts, almonds, figs, and dates during pregnancy will increase the hemoglobin levels and also aid healthy fetus growth.
  4. Pulses – Pulses may add good amount of protein and iron to any meal. Use them as soup, salad, or add them to the bread for amazing results. Lentils, beans, and peas have sufficient amount of minerals, vitamins, fiber, protein, and iron that makes them complete food for expecting mothers. Protein helps in cell regeneration and fetus growth.
  5. Asparagus – A hot cup of asparagus soup is comfort food for many. The health benefits of asparagus are much discussed on health forums. Now it is time to bring this wonder ingredient to your kitchen to get good amount of iron with every sip. This nutrient rich broth can be a savior during pregnancy when heavy food choices are difficult to digest. Sesame seeds can be added to asparagus salad for added iron.

Nine months of pregnancy call for special attention and care as one will be nurturing two lives in single person’s diet. All nutrients are vital during this period and deficiency may affect the growth of the fetus. Eliminate junk and include healthy food choices for healthy new arrival!