Five wounded in nightclub shooting in Toronto

Toronto, Aug 6 Five persons have been wounded in a shooting at a nightclub here, the police said.

The shooting on Monday has left one man in a life-threatening condition. The injured also include two women, Xinhua news agency reported.

Toronto Police chief Mark Saunders said at a press conference that from Saturday to Monday, police were called to 11 separate shootings, which left 13 people with gunshot wounds in Canada’s biggest city.

Saunders said he is putting “additional resources” into areas where he feels a police presence may help deter further gunplay. He did not elaborate on what that would look like.

On Monday, Toronto Mayor John Tory released a statement calling the recent rash of gun violence “absolutely unacceptable”.

“I know Toronto Police are working non-stop to find those responsible for these shootings and to bring them to justice,” adding “I urge anyone with information that could help investigators solve these shootings to call police or Crime Stoppers.”

The mayor also repeated his calls for a handgun ban. Toronto City Council debated a handgun ban in June and more debates are expected to come.