I cant believe this is happening. First time in the history of Splitsvilla two became Queens and those lucky ladies are our favorite Sana and Anuki. The girls who are in dumping zone just before 5 minutes now became queens of Splitsvilla. Surprise Surprise Surprise. The last episode is full of twists. Where karishma dumped Anuki instead of her strongest competitor ever Subohi. Is that right decision well we will say yes because if karishma dumped subohi na then she might have became queen by the book of fortune. And the present king Prince and queen Karishma were dethroned from their respective positions. Everyone are so happy except Karishma and Zaan.

Its shocking to Karishma where she just dumped Anuki now became the queen of the splitsvilla. Everyone’s favorite couple Uttu and Sana are so happy. Now we have to see how splitsvilla will handle two strong competitors Karishma and Subohi. Wait are we missing something here yes who is going to be our king. Is that Prince again or Uttu or Ishaan. Well we will wait and see.

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