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Facebook’s new Camera features might breathe new life into Stories



Along with the many other changes Facebook is rolling out today, it’s also updating its Camera application on iOS and Android — one can only presume in an attempt to draw more attention to it, along with its not-terribly-loved Stories feature.

You’ll be able to go Live from the Camera, with the option for your Live broadcast to appear in your Story. You can use Camera effects (the ones that totally aren’t Snapchat filters) in the Live broadcast.

Facebook’s Stories haven’t exactly lit the social media world on fire the way those of Instagram and Snapchat have. Whether this new Live update will bring the feature on par with its contemporary apps remains to be seen.

You’ll also be able to create GIFs from the Camera, and share them to your Timeline or Story. We spotted this feature last month, when it was only available to a few — now it’s apparently rolling out to all.

One final augment — which sounds odd and unnecessary, in my opinion — is the ability to make text updates as full-screen posts with a colored background. You might know the format if you’ve ever seen a motivational quote in an Instagram post. You’ll also be able to share them to your Story, which you cannot do with ordinary text posts.

I’ll be keeping an eye on my Stories bar to see if this motivates anyone I know to use it more than once every two or three months. Somehow I doubt it.

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Dileep may get double life term if convicted in assault case, but lack of credible witness a concern



Nine months after a South Indian actress was abducted and sexually assaulted in the port city of Kochi, the Special Investigation Team (SIT) of Kerala police has filed the chargesheet arraigning popular actor Dileep as the key conspirator.

This is the second charge sheet in the sensational case that rocked the southern state in February this year. The first chargesheet was filed on 19 April booking Sunil Kumar aka Pulsar Suni as first accused and six others on various charges, including gangrape, kidnapping and criminal conspiracy.

In addition to the charges levelled against Pulsar Suni, additional charges of abetment of crime and harbouring of offender have also been slapped on the actor. He is listed as the eighth accused in the 1,652-page supplementary chargesheet and may have to undergo double life term if convicted.

Dileep is the 8th accused in the Malayalam actress assault case.

The chargesheet said that Dileep had hatched a conspiracy with Pulsar Suni to harm the actress as he suspected her to be responsible for the breakdown of his marriage with fellow actress Manju Warrier. Accrding to the chargesheet, the friction in the married life of the couple started after the assault victim revealed to Manju Warrier her husband’s alleged extra-marital relationship with his current wife Kavya Madhavan.

The chargesheet said this grudge was the main motive of Dileep for the sexual assault. He wanted the assault visuals before the marriage of the survivor as he wanted to take revenge against her by thwarting her marital life. The chargesheet also said Dileep had tried to sabotage the survivor’s film career by using his clout in the film industry to deny her films.

The name of the actor cropped up in the case after a letter purported to have been written to him by Pulsar Suni from prison reminding him about the money he offered for the job and a selfie taken by a fan with the actor showing Suni in the background on the sets of a film surfaced in the media. This nailed Dileep’s claim that he did not know Suni.

Dileep was arrested after two rounds of interrogation. One lasted as many as 13 hours.

The SIT had planned to go for trial keeping Dileep in jail but the plan failed after the high court granted him bail on the 85th day of his detention.

The SIT took another nearly two months to file the supplementary chargesheet. Has it helped them to solidify their case? Experts are divided over the reliability of the evidences gathered by the SIT.

The chargesheet has listed 355 persons as witnesses and two approvers. It also contains 12 confidential statements and 400 documents, including scientific evidence.

Subhash Babu, a former superintendent of police, said the biggest weakness in the case is the excessive reliability on the statement of the key accused, who has a long criminal record. He told a local television channel that it will be difficult to prove the conspiracy charge merely on the basis of the statement of the co-accused.

The chargesheet does not seem to contain any credible and stable witnesses. Some important witnesses have already turned hostile. A key witness to change stance is Sagar Vincent, a former employee of Laksyah, a boutique run by Kavya Madhavan, who had earlier stated seeing Suni and second accused Vigeesh visiting the shop at Kakkanad in Ernakulam.

The footage of the CCTV there was also found missing. Lakshya is treated as an important part of the investigation as the police believe that some transactions and meetings between the suspects have taken place there.

Another witness who the police relied on to establish the conspiracy in the case is one Charlie, who allegedly sheltered Pulsar Suni and his associates in Coimbatore after the attack. He had told the police earlier that Suni had confided to him about Dileep’s role in the case and shown the assault visuals.

Charlie was supposed to give a confidential statement under Section to 164. But, he later refused to do so. The investigating officers have suspected Dileep’s hand in the change in Charlie’s stance.

Experts are also doubtful about the reliability of several witnesses included in the chargesheet. As many as 50 witnesses in the case are from the film fraternity, who have connections with Dileep. A key witness is Manju Warrier, who was the first to talk about a conspiracy in the case.

She had said in her statement to the police that Dileep was paranoid, and suspected everyone. The statement included in the chargesheet said his suspicion that the assault survivor had wrecked their marriage was wrong. She said that the survivor had not revealed anything to her about Dileep’s extra marital affairs.

Subhash Babu feels that the conspiracy case would collapse if Manju does not stand by the prosecution. He is doubtful whether she will indict Dileep since her daughter is living with him. Members of the film industry also share the concern.

Noted director Baiju Kottarakkara said that the motherly feeling she has towards her daughter may play when Manju stands in the witness box during trial. “We cannot blame her if she does not reveal everything she knows about Dileep as her daughter will be alone if Dileep goes to jail” said Baiju.

However, Advocate Ajay Kumar said there was no reason to doubt Manju as she has always stood for justice. He said that the court may also appreciate her limitations. He said the case will not collapse even if Manju sides with her former husband.

“Manju’s statement is not related to commission of offence. The prosecution needs her statement to support the motive behind the case. The statement of the assault survivor alone is sufficient to prove the motive,” he added.

“There are lot of other witnesses and corroborative evidence with the police to back the conspiracy charge. The first accused himself can turn an approver in the course of the trial. We cannot rule out this possibility since Suni will get a life-term if he is convicted. If he wishes to turn an approver Dileep’s counsels cannot do anything,” he added.

The lawyer said the confidential statements given by a police official, whose mobile phone Suni used to talk to Dileep when he accompanied him to the court, as well as Suni’s jail mate who wrote the letter to Dileep for Suni alone were sufficient to implicate Dileep.

Ajay Kumar said that the witnesses, who have turned hostile, may also not be able to hold their ground when they will be cross-examined by the prosecution. He pointed out that the police had already expressed doubt that they had taken the U turn under the influence of Dileep.

The police took up this in the high court last week when Dileep sought permission to visit Dubai terming the alleged influence of the witnesses as a violation of the bail condition. Viewing the allegation seriously, the court has asked the police to move the magistrate’s court for cancellation of the bail.

However, the police have not made any move to file a petition in this regard. Film industry personnel supporting Dileep said this was because the police had no evidence to support their allegation. Film producer Saji Nambiat, who has been defending Dileep from the beginning, said it was a cooked-up charge with ulterior motives.

He said that the entire case against Dileep is a fabricated one. The trial will prove this, he added.


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Shaneeshwaruni Divya Charitra Episode 104

It is about time that Suryadev realises his error of judgement. Yami is saved from a bad marriage as Chandradev’s dark secrets have now been exposed. Shani issues a penalty for him. Will Suryadev’s family pay for his mistake and face punishment as well? Tune in to watch, only on Voot!



Shaneeshwaruni Divya Charitra 104

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Olympian Aly Raisman recounts overcoming abuse in autobiography




Nov,23 2017 16:42 19 IST

The people come forward to Aly Raisman almost daily now. Random strangers. Men and women of various ages, races and backgrounds. They see the six-time Olympic medal winning gymnast out in public and approach with a hug to give and a story to tell.

Aly Raisman. Image from Twitter/@GymCastic

Aly Raisman. Image from Twitter/@GymCastic

It was jarring at first, if Raisman is being honest. When she pitched her autobiography Fierce to publishers last summer shortly after the 2016 Olympics, she intended to focus on her journey from tenacious prodigy to champion. And while all of that is in there, the part of her experience that’s resonated the most since the book’s release earlier this month is the one she wasn’t sure she’d be able to share.

It’s Chapter 22, titled The Survivors. In it, Raisman outlines how she was abused by former national team doctor Larry Nassar, how he “groomed” her by presenting himself as a friendly ear and how she feels he was empowered to continue over the course of years by those in charge at USA Gymnastics.

Raisman spent weeks working on the section, revisiting it again and again, trying to get it just right. Or at least as close to right as she can get.

“I put in a ton of thought whether how I wanted to come forward about this,” Raisman told The Associated Press. “What I realized at the end of the day is that I want change and I want people to understand what exactly abuse is. It’s very complicated. It’s very confusing. I didn’t know that I was being abused because I was manipulated so horribly.”

In the process, Raisman discovered the abuse Nassar committed against other female athletes — including allegations from Olympic teammates McKayla Maroney and Gabby Douglas — is a very small part of a much larger problem that extends far beyond the actions of just one man. It’s why she took those painful memories and put them on paper, to share with the world that, as she says over and over again, “It’s not OK. It’s never OK.”

The 23-year-old’s new calling makes thinking about a return to competition in time for the 2020 Olympics seem trivial.

“This is the focus,” Raisman said.

“Unfortunately sexual abuse is far too common,” Raisman said. “I’ve realized how many people are affected by it and it’s disgusting. That’s why I want change.”

Raisman has become an increasingly outspoken critic of USA Gymnastics, blaming the governing body for a lack of oversight on Nassar’s conduct. The 54-year-old spent nearly 20 years as the team doctor for the US women’s elite program, often working with athletes one-on-one. Raisman declined to get into specifics about the abuse she was subjected to but her experience falls in line with what many other have claimed against Nassar: that he touched them inappropriately while describing it as proper treatment.

Nassar pleaded guilty to multiple charges of sexual assault in Michigan on Wednesday and will face at least 25 years in prison. He still faces additional criminal charges and has been named in more than 125 civil lawsuits filed by former athletes. Nassar’s downfall began following reporting by the Indianapolis Star in 2016 that highlighted chronic mishandling of abuse allegations against coaches and staff at some of USA Gymnastics’ more than 3,500 clubs across the country.

Raisman has not taken any legal action yet against Nassar, though she’s not ruling it out. Her larger concern is educating young athletes and their parents on the warning signs while also loudly clamoring for change. She has seen a familiar pattern repeat itself over the last 18 months: another gymnast comes out claiming abuse by Nassar, and USA Gymnastics follows with a press release attributed to no specific individual that praises them for their courage.

The organization hired Toby Stark, a child welfare advocate, as its director of SafeSport over the summer. Part of Stark’s mandate is educating members on rules, educational programs and reporting. The federation also adopted over 70 recommendations by Deborah Daniels, a former federal prosecutor who oversaw an extensive independent review.

It’s not enough for Raisman. She points out Penny wasn’t fired but instead forced out. Though Nassar’s relationship with USA Gymnastics officially ended in 2015 after an athlete came forward about potential abuse, he was still allowed to continue working at Michigan State University while also volunteering at a USA Gymnastics-affiliated club.

“That is just unacceptable to me,” Raisman said. “(That gym) is a part of USA Gymnastics. USA Gymnastics is responsible for kids at that gym. Instead of doing their job, they let Larry keep working there.”

Raisman would like to see more extensive change in leadership at USA Gymnastics. She never imagined being an agent for change as she dreamed of the Olympics while growing up in Needham, Massachusetts, but she’s embracing the role as she comes to grips with her own victimhood.


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