Egg tissue Face mask to remove tiny hair on face

There will be so many tiny hairs on our face (facial hairs), which will cover our face tone and some times even look awkward. Be it upper lip, forehead, cheeks at last we got simple and easy solution for it. Egg tissue Face mask it is. Ok lets get to know about it in simple 5 steps.


1 Take a tissue and make holes for your eyes and nose.

2. Apply a little egg white on your face.

3. Keep some egg white on tissue. That will make tissue to stick on face.

4. Now keep tissue on your face gently.

5. When egg white has completely dried up, pull off the tissue very quickly. You will be surprised after seeing your tiny facial hairs on tissue paper.

Not only this there are so many advantages with egg white. It reduces oiliness, prevents acne and clears acne scars, It removes black heads, prevents wrinkles and fine lines,improving the skin tone and so many.

Isn’t it amazing? yes it easy.