Chandra Babu Hand for Buttara Renuka … Venturelatta for the seat with Jagan Flexi

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Kurnool MP Buddha Renucca is able to go residence. Bhatta Renuka, who received the YSR Congress Party MP, later went to TDP. There are some arguments that among the controversies arising from Jagan Mohan Reddy have been rumored to depart Renuka's social gathering. Then it continued in TDP. But as quickly because the MP was not capable of get a seat within the seat, she determined to return to her residence. The Kurnool Coimbatore Surya Prakash Reddy went to TDP and have become the seat of the seat. The remainder of the buttocks remained caught. So the choice to return to the restroom for the seat has come to the choice. But there aren’t any probabilities that Jagan will get into a celebration within the social gathering. There isn’t any likelihood that they’ll win over a celebration flag and are available again to a different social gathering. It is unlikely that the chairman of the Kudankulam Puducherry will probably be included within the state of affairs. But Buttarukku solely then, Jagan Mohan Reddy's Flexi arrange and print his pictures. Flexible within the metropolis was town of Swachh Bharat. Neither the leaders of the TDP MP visited the Vicipi. Some persons are taking mild to see that it’s unlikely in the course of the election.

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