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Build and control your own robots, home automation and more with this Raspberry Pi training

The creators behind the Raspberry Pi are pretty ingenious folks. After spending the past few years fine-tuning the Pi into a credit card-sized, single-board micro-computer that can run most operating systems and be used as a veritable Swiss Army knife of computing, its founders finally whipped out the Raspberry Pi Zero. For the uninitiated, the Zero is an even smaller, just as versatile micro-computer with the almost inconceivable price tag of $5.

So what can these crazy tiny, super cheap, but sneaky and powerful mini-computers do? You can start unlocking some of their potential with this Raspberry Pi Mastery Bundle, on sale right now for only $34 from TNW Deals.

With these eight courses, including 11 hours of instruction, you’ll find out many of the ways clever tinkerers have been utilizing the Pi in ridiculously cool ways. You’ll also get the step-by-step guides to help create some of those projects for yourself.

After two courses walking you through the basics of the Pi and the Pi Zero (Automation with Raspberry Pi Zero; and Introduction to Raspberry Pi), your learning then turns to all the Pi’s incredible uses.

While you get training on how to mine Bitcoin for profit (Bitcoin Mining Using Raspberry Pi), the majority of this instruction comes back to using the Pi’s power to create real-world robotics and automation.

You’ll learn about the mechanics of assembling hardware powered by the Pi (Hardware Projects Using Raspberry Pi), how to program and control a basic robot (Raspberry Pi Robotics), building your own robot arm (Build Your Own ArmBot Step By Step Using Raspberry Pi Zero), creating an automated home (Home Automation in 48 Hours Without Coding) or using sensors to gauge things like water temperature (Internet of Things Automation Using Raspberry Pi 2).

By the time you’re done, you’ll have the know-how to whip up all kinds of cool tech to make your life easier — not to mention a whole lot more fun. All this training would normally cost over $850, but you can get it now for over 90 percent off — just $34 — for a limited time.

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Tackle the tools to get working as a graphic designer — for under $40

With the explosion of digital content over the past decade, it only makes sense that the services of graphic designers are also seeing high demand.

If you’ve got a visual flair or just want to learn the tools for translating your artistic concepts into the digital space, then this round of courses in the Graphic Design Certification School ($39, over 90 percent off from TNW Deals) may be just the ticket.

With this package, you get intensive training and ultimately certification in three of the most powerful graphics programs in any designer’s arsenal.

The Photoshop course shows you the basics as well as more advanced techniques for navigating Adobe Photoshop, the most popular photo editing software ever created. From importing images through all the steps needed to make that image ready for publication, this training will help even first-time users master critical editing skills. Whether you’re morphing color, different layers, formats or even adding text and other elements to your image, you’ll have all the tools after completing this course.

For those looking to produce print-quality fliers, newsletters, posters and other physical media, this Adobe InDesign course will help you make that happen. Once you’ve learned the baseline commands, you’ll be able to start designing standalone pieces and templates for stunning digital magazines, e-books or a host of other digital publishing options.

Finally, you’ll start incorporating logos, icons, exotic typefaces and other vector art elements into your projects with the Adobe Illustrator course. Learning vector art is a key graphic design element, allowing you to more effectively manipulate images, shapes, colors and typography to almost any size without degradation or pixelation. It’s the pro tool any designer needs to know.

Your coursework here is put toward your eventual CPD Certification, the independent assessing group that tells employers and clients that you’re fully trained in these essential Adobe environments.

Each of these courses usually runs $400, but with this limited time deal, you can get the full bundle at a fraction of that total — only $39.

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Super-deal underway: 2TBs of cloud storage under $50

Don’t you love it when a series of discounts and special offers line up just so, landing a valuable resource in your shopping cart at a massive discount off its true value?

It’s happening right now with Degoo Premium cloud storage, putting $1,200 worth of fully encrypted and secure off-site backup space in your hands for $47.99 from TNW Deals with coupon code: SOFTWARE20.

Degoo is just as simple as it should be. Pull together the scores of a computer, tablet and smartphone files you don’t regularly need (but don’t want to throw away) and push ‘em to your 2TBs of cloud storage room. Clear your computer’s storage space and watch your processor spring back to life without the cumbersome weight of all your old data slowing it down.

Degoo will even perform those backups automatically, assuring you constantly have the latest, most useful versions of all your files…even if you forgot to back them up yourself.

High-speed transfers zip your uploads to the cloud quickly and make retrieval convenient rather than time-consuming and tedious.

Get more cloud storage than from Dropbox, OneDrive and Google Drive accounts combined — and right now, it’s ridiculously cheap. A $1,200 value, Degoo’s premium service is discounted down to $65.00, with an additional price cut dropping that figure down to $59.99. But if you also enter the secret code SOFTWARE20 during checkout, you’ll knock another 20 percent off that price, getting you a lifetime of cloud stage for less than $50.

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Get the training to master Linux and pay what you want

Hardcore coders have raved about Linux for years. With its open-source origins and versatility followed by wave after wave of customization, Linux is the intriguing alternative for programmers who feel too fenced in by the mainstream Windows and macOS operating systems.

Sure, taking a swing at something new is usually uncomfortable and a little bit scary. But with training like this Linux Lifetime Mastery bundle of courses, this user-friendly environment will have you working like a Linux pro before you know it.

And right now, you can pick up this package featuring more than 20 hours of content for any price you want to pay.

The dexterity and stripped-down nature of Linux are why it’s the operating system that runs almost all of the world’s fastest supercomputers. And these four courses will help you take full advantage of Linux features that Microsoft and Apple OS’s just can’t offer.

With any purchase at any price point, you’ll receive Fundamentals of Operating Systems, a course designed to show you what makes each operating system distinct as well as their interrelationships in everything from desktops to tablets to smartphones.

While that course gives you a taste of Linux, you really need to match the average price paid by other buyers to unlock the full power of what Linux can do for your projects. At that price point, you’ll get another three courses plunging headlong into everything Linux.

With Introduction to Programming and Coding for Everyone with JavaScript, you’ll master JavaScript, a backbone discipline for any Linux user. Next, Linux V7 Essentials lifts the hood on Linux itself, walking you through Linux installation and implementation, the file system, how to work with users and groups and where to find helpful processes and network apps to support your builds.

Finally, Linux V7 System Administration advances your training, showing you how to tackle next-level programming and troubleshooting to qualify as a knowledgeable (and highly sought after) Red Hat Linux System Administrator.

A nearly $1,200 value, don’t miss out on getting all this Linux training for the price you want.

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