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Bruce Lee The Fighter Movie Review

Bruce Lee – The Fighter is a 2015 Telugu action film directed by Srinu Vaitla, starring Ram Charan and Rakul Preet Singh in the lead roles which is produced by DVV Danayya under the banner DVV.



Bruce Lee The Fighter Movie Review First on Net

Starring : Ram Charan, Rakul Preet Singh,Kriti Kharbanda

Director : Srinu Vaitla

Producer : DVV Danayya

Music Director : S. Thaman

Release date : October 16, 2015

Rating : 3.5/5


Ram Charan’s Bruce Lee is probably one of the most awaited films in the recent past. Directed by Sreenu Vaitla, this film was much in news for mega star Chiranjeevi’s cameo. After a huge round of promotions, the film is finally out now. Let’s see how it is.


Karthi Ram Charan is a stunt man who cares about his family very much and specially about his sister Kriti Karbanda. For her studies he even sacrifices his studies. But problem arises when Jayraj(Sampath) and his son Deepak Raj (Arun Vijay) will enter. The rest will continue how Ram charan will solve those issues along with Riya(Rakul Preet).

Plus Points:

Its all about Mega star cameo right yes it is. His presence is eye feast to Chiru fans. Ram Charan is a plus point to the film. His fights and dances are damn good. Chemistry between Charan and Rakul Preet is fresh and amazing.

Minus Points:

Second half didn’t carried that much as first half. Sreenu Vaitla brings his typical comic formula and tries to elevate the film. But sadly, none of the comedy episodes click and stretches the film a bit. Story of the film gets quite predictable and too many comedians spoil the fun to an extent. Narration takes a beating during this time as the proceedings get a bit slow until mega star’s entry.

Final Word:

At last , Bruce Lee is a good family entertainer. Ram Charan’s mature acting, amazing songs and interesting first half. If you are ok with average second half, you are definitely going to love mega star’s entry at the end and come out with a smile on your face.

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Jai Lava Kusa – Treat for NTR fans

Jai Lava Kusa Movie Review

Jai Lava Kusa is one of the most awaited films in the recent times. This film is extra special because NTR is playing triples roles for the very first time. Directed by Bobby, this prestigious film produced by NTR Arts has hit the screens today. Let’s see how it is.

Jai Lava Kusa movie review

Release date : September 21, 2017 Rating : 3.25/5

Director : K. S. Ravindra (Bobby)

Producer : Nandamuri Kalyan Ram

Music Director : Devi Sri Prasad

Starring : NTR, Raashi Khanna, Nivetha Thomas

Story :-

Jai Lava Kusa(NTR) are triplets who get separated during their childhood because of small clashes. While Jai becomes an evil blooded criminal, the other two, Kusa and Lava end up as a small-time crook and bank manager respectively. The twist in the tale arises when Jai kidnaps both the brothers and aks them to help him in his political growth. What is Jai’s agenda? Why did he kidnap the brothers? How can the innocent Lava and Kusa manage the criminal Jai? To know answers to all these questions, you need to watch the film on the big screen.

Plus Points :-

Jai Lava Kusa clicks mainly because of NTR. The star hero just nails the film with his performance. He is super menacing as the evil Jai and showcases the subtleness as Lava and is knotty as Kusa. The way he has showcased variations in all his roles is surely worth a mention and proves what an actor he is. Special mention should go to the way he executes his stammering act.

The emotional thread showcased between the two brothers has been executed well during the last ten minutes. Raashi Khanna looks ravishing and plays her role well. The fights and thrills composed look top class and evoke a lot of clap worthy moments.

The climax is very interesting as the film ends on an emotional note. Ronit Roy makes a decent Tollywood and Sai Kumar does justice to his role. Posani is okay so were Praveen and Brahmaji. The first half has some fun moments whereas the second part gets a bit serious.

Minus Points :-

The story of the film is quite predictable and after a point, you know what is going to happen next. Devi Sri Prasad’s music is not up to the mark as some more good songs could have easily helped matters much.

The film has a roller coaster feel as good and bad moments keep coming in one after the other. Heroines Raashi Khanna and Nivetha Thomas do not much to do and Nivetha’s role, in particular, has not motto and looks outright silly. The emotional bonding between the brothers is showcased in only a few areas.

Technical Aspects :-

Credit should go to NTR Arts for not compromising on the budget. The film looks quite rich as the visuals are quite pleasing. Camerawork by Chota K Naidu is top notch and especially those scenes which showcase NTR in a triple role quite realistic. DSP’s music is just about okay but his background score is amazing. Choreography for item song is done well as Tamannah’s dance steps are quite massy and evoke glamour. Dialogues have been written supremely well and those written for the stammering part are even good.

Coming to the director Bobby, he has done an okay job with the film. He has written Jai’s role well but you never get the feel of brotherly bonding except for the climax. The film is good scenes wise but when you club it as a whole, there are many loopholes. Credit should go to him for showcasing NTR in a splendid manner.

Verdict :-

On the whole, Jai Lava Kusa is NTR’s one-man show. The film is surely a treat for fans as they will love Jai’s negative role in particular. Even though the film has an old school storyline and slow narration in places, the way it has been showcased ends up as a good watch for fans and ends up as an average watch for the regular audience. All we suggest you is to lower your expectations before you watch the film.

Rating : 3.25/5


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Baahubali 2 Movie Review

Baahubali 2 Movie Review
Powerful Drama and An Unforgettable RideClick To Tweet

Where ever you go, there is only topic and that is how Baahubali 2 is going to be. Directed by the genius Rajamouli, the magnum opus has released in over 8000 screens all over today. Let’s see Baahubali 2 movie review whether the film reaches our expectations or not.

The Story:

As shown in the first part, Baahubali(Prabhas)is declared as the king of Mahishmati. As part of the kingdom’s ancestral ritual, the would-be king needs to visit the countryside to know what problems the people in his kingdom are facing. In this process, Baahubali visits a small kingdom called Kuntala and falls in love with its princess Devasena (Anushka).

He woos Devasena with his charm and brings her to Mahishmati. But to his shock, Baahubali’s mother, Shivagami(Ramya Krishna) changes her decision suddenly and announces Bhallaladeva(Rana) as the king. Why did Shivagami suddenly announce Bhallaladeva as the king? What is the back story behind her decision? and why did Kattappa kill Baahubali? To know answers to these questions, you need to watch the film on the big screen.

Plus Points:

There are way too many things that impress you in Baahubali 2 but it is practically impossible to pen all of them down in this review. Let me start by talking about the gigantic scale of the film. It is like a never before and never again kind of scenario as Baahubali 2 is huge in every aspect. Every visual of the film is filled with surprises either in terms of graphics or the extravagant sets that have been put up. The costumes, drama showcased and performances are a first of its kind in Telugu films.

Credit should go to Rajamouli for taking Indian films to another level with his mind blowing story telling. The way he has induced a terrific conflict between the two brothers is the major asset of the film. Prabhas unleashes his beastly side in the second part and takes away your senses with his striking performance. From the first scene, his screen presence is top notch and the way he takes Bhallaladeva head on is just terrific.

A lot was said about Anushka’s weight but boy she looks top class in this film. Right from her traditional costumes to her mature look, she has pulled off both the roles with ease. She looks slim and quite beautiful throughout the film. Coming to Rana, it would not be exaggerating to say that Rana will never get such a magnanimous role in the future. What makes the film even more fiery and ghastly is his fabulous villainous avatar. No other actor apart from him could have played this role of a lifetime and Rana has done full justice to it.

Nassar and Satyaraj are excellent in their roles and especially Nasser, is the major highlight among the supporting cast. Ramya Krishna showcases superb emotions and brings a lot of depth to the film. The family emotions are yet another highlight of the film as they elevate the proceedings with a lot of depth. The fist fight between Rana and Prabhas is a feast to the eye.

Minus Points:

A number of audiences might get disappointed with the way Rajamouli has answered why Katappa killed Baahubali. Even though, the twist gels well with the script, it might not meet the expectations of many. Once the twist is revealed, the film becomes a bit predictable. The climax looks a bit rushed upon as things happen way too quickly.

Tamanna is hardly seen in the film and only appears during the climax. There are certain areas in the film where pace gets slow and some unforced drama overtakes the proceedings. The romance between Prabhas and Anushka could have been edited out a bit to make things better.

Technical Aspects:

Baahubali 2 is one of the most technically efficient films made in India. If part one surprised you with its scale, then second part will leave you speechless with excellent visual effects and emotions. The kingdoms shown and sets created look top notch on screen. The entire team of Makuta should be appreciated for taking the film to another level with their VFX work.

What takes Baahubali to its peak is the stunning background score of M M Keeravani. Even though his songs are not that effective as the first part, the way he elevates the proceedings with his score is impressive. Dialogues are decent and so were the lyrics. Costumes done for every character looks top class. The weaponry created and props used look quite lethal.

Coming to the director Rajamouli, he has surely done India and the film fraternity proud with Baahubali. He has dreamt of something out of the box and has also succeeded in bringing life to India’s biggest motion picture. The way he has continued the story in the second part and made the drama even more intense is superb. There is more depth in the proceedings and every character has been given complete justification.

Every frame of Baahubali is his creation and you can’t but salute to the genius of this filmmaker who will be the next big thing in Indian cinema. At times, you just wonder how did he perceive all this in his mind and execute it in such a convincing manner. Technicians like him are rare and Telugu folks should be proud that our own director has gone ahead and proved that nothing is impossible.

The Conclusion:

On the whole, Baahubali 2 is one film which leaves you speechless. Right from the word go, it has intense drama and action as every frame in the film is a visual wonder. Be it the heroic fights or the lavish war scenes, Rajamouli showcases some never before scenes in Indian film history. This film will be remembered and spoken about for years to come and break every possible record in the country. The performances, drama and the lavish scale look jaw dropping and make this film a never before experience for every movie lover. Finally, just ignore the simple story line and do yourself a favor by taking your entire family to watch this magnum opus called Baahubali as wonders like these only happen very rarely.

Reviewed by 123telugu Team

Baahubali 2 Movie Review

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Tamasha review

Tamasha review:

Ved ( Ranbir) meets Tara ( Deepika) in corisco and they will have an agreement that they won’t reveal real names or anything that can trace them back to their lives – leaving behind the fun, love and connection they find in each other.Ved’s character – he is mesmerised with stories and theatre, but life and its demands of making a living in accordance with his pragmatic father, take a toll on his real calling and make him forget his real self.

When Tara tracks Ved and meets him in Delhi, she finds a different man – a product manager who has been saving his job solely through his ‘well-mannered’ behaviour and the tendency to be a yes-man of his boss. With a broken heart, she decides to leave Ved alone and move on, but you cannot move on from love, from your own heart. Tamasha traces the journey of Ved leaving behind his put-on, robotic character and coming back to Tara.

Plus points: Ranbir & Deppika mature acting and their chemistry, AR Rehman music and beautiful locations of Corisco

Negative Points: Minor flaws in screen play

Totally Tamasha is one time watch movie

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