Bigg Boss 12, 20 October, Day 34 written updates: Salman Khan raps contestants for cornering Surbhi Rana


The weekend episode of Bigg Boss 12 began with present host, Salman Khan, discussing the separation of the jodis this week in a satirical vogue and mocked the ‘break-up’ of Anup and Jasleen. He additionally pulled their leg concerning the latter courting a music composer earlier than she met Anup, which was revealed within the captaincy activity, ‘Sansani Khez Khabar’. He rewound to the weeks’ happenings together with all of the drama that transpired contained in the jail between Sreesanth, Surbhi and Dipika.

Surbhi Rana in Bigg Boss 12. Picture through Twitter

Salman additionally picked on Romil and had a hearty snigger about how he favored somebody at a disco and that particular person turned out to be a man. He congratulated Shivashish for captaincy and likewise lauded the opposite contender, Deepak, however not with out mentioning that he tousled by not listening to Saba rigorously when she was making an attempt to assist him together with her secret. Salman additionally instructed Saba that she ought to have been extra clear with Deepak.

In reference to the home duties, Salman defined to Sreesanth how disappointing it’s to a viewer to see a former participant of the Indian cricket group quit so simply. Sreesanth defined that he has had 12 surgical procedures on his foot. Nevertheless, Surbhi, who has usually been at loggerheads with Sreesanth, complained that latter backs off from duties resulting in tense moments in the home. She additionally mentioned that his fixed sickness might be a technique. Romil supported Surbhi and mentioned Sreesanth might have continued with the treadmill activity and helped Dipika win the duty and captaincy. Romil, too, suspected the explanation Sreesanth’s excuse for not performing within the activity. All this whereas, Dipika didn’t utter a phrase and stored smiling.

Whereas Salman understood that Sreesanth perhaps having his personal technique to remain within the recreation, he instructed him that he may lose his credibility and other people could begin questioning his sportsmanship. Salman additional questioned the contestants as to why that they had been discriminating in opposition to Surbhi as a result of when Sreesanth is upset or indignant everybody pampers him, whereas Surbhi is normally left alone. On this, Jasleen defined that Surbhi scares them off after they go close to her to console her, whereas, Sreesanth was simple to take care of.

Salman then supported Surbhi, who was accused of smoking inside the home, and performed a video which proved that she was not smoking when she was within the rest room. The contestants had conspired in opposition to her and put her in jail by giving this purpose to Bigg Boss. Salman felt it was unfair to Surbhi.

The host then requested the contestants to appoint the largest offenders of the week. Jasleen, Vakil, Surbhi and Sreesanth’s names give you Surbhi getting the utmost votes. Nevertheless, Surbhi backed off for some private purpose and nominated Jasleen for it. Jasleen raged about being nominated for the torture room and mentioned she will not do it. Then Salman requested Surbhi to decide on one candidate who will not thoughts getting ‘tortured’, and she or he nominated Romil, who readily agreed to assist Surbhi. He went into the torture room.

The episode ended with Karanvir and Srishty getting saved from elimination, and Urvashi, Saba, Sourabh and Jasleen remaining within the hazard zone.

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