Bigg Boss 12, 12 October, Day 26 written updates: Srishty Rode, Shivashish Mishra, Sourabh Patel sent to jail

Whereas the tremors of the mid-week evictions are nonetheless being felt, yet one more wave of disagreeable incidents occurred throughout the captaincy activity with Bigg Boss disqualifying Srishty and Saba from the captaincy activity for the complete season. The incident has shaken many bonds and has managed to disclose varied shades of each contestant. Srishty was extremely dissatisfied with the singles as they held her accountable for attacking Saba and hurting herself in anger.

Surbhi, Deepak and others are in a dialogue about Sreesanth but once more. Surbhi is bound had it been Karanvir, even he would have named Sreesanth for nomination. Dipika and Jasleen talk about about Srishty and the previous feels that she is a chilly particular person. Dipika additionally has Srishty and Saba in thoughts amongst whom she hopes are despatched to jail. Sreesanth is livid at Dipika. He feels she isn’t proud of simply the punishment meted out to Saba and Srishty and he or she now desires them within the kalkothri as effectively. Sreesanth and Anup have a repeated chat concerning the proceedings in the home. They really feel Nehha and Dipika have gotten Jasleen and Karanvir on their aspect. Sreesanth is satisfied that Dipika desires to evict all of the celebrities in order that she will keep within the race. He’s certain that when he will get again into the home, Dipika will come to him crying. He additionally feels Deepak and Romil are masters of the sport. He’s additionally apprehensive about Somi as a result of if Saba goes to jail, Somi should tag alongside as a result of they’re a jodi. As a substitute, Sreesanth and Anup really feel that Dipika ought to go to jail for not doing good work because the sanchalak of the captaincy activity.

Srishty, Shivashish and Saurabh get the jail time period after a heated dialogue between the contestants. The Khan sisters later nook Karanvir and launch a verbal assault in opposition to him. Surbhi too joins in and will get into a loud combat with Karanvir. Surbhi and Deepak complain about Karanvir to Dipika. Dipika pretends that she agrees with him. Each Nehha and Dipika inform Karanvir that they solely pretended in entrance of Surbhi and Deepak about being on their aspect. Dipika tells Karanvir that jodis are taking part in a sport with them.

Bigg Boss publicizes an Oppo Flash Cost Job, the place the captains of the home, Surbhi and Romil, have to decide on 4 contestants — two from singles and two from the jodis — who they assume want a flash cost that can assist amp up their sport. The man contestants needed to level out their strengths and weaknesses whereas the in-task contestants defend themselves from their accusations. From singles, Nehha and Dipika are chosen and from jodis – Urvashi and Jasleen. Contestants throw a volley of accusations and allegations at one another. Somi is the moderator of the duty.

Everybody tells Urvashi that she wants to claim her viewpoint extra aggressively and never get swayed by others’ opinions. Surbhi feels that Dipika is faking her character. She isn’t what she pretends to be. Saba additionally feels that she is two-faced. Shivashish feels Jasleen is taking part in secure and everybody agrees. Deepak wins the duty and will get a brand new cellphone. Urvashi and Deepak have a secret assembly. Surbhi and Romil discuss Urvashi, who says she would not get good vibes from him. Surbhi additionally feels that Urvashi has to date by no means had any combat or argument with anybody in the home.

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