Bigg Boss 11: Salman Khan tries to end Vikas-Shilpa feud, warns about possible triple elimination


The latest episode of Bigg Boss 11 began with Salman Khan interacting with ‘Shrimati’ which proved to be quite entertaining. Salman asked ‘her’ a few questions such as “Why does Arshi wear a nightie even during the day and eye lashes in the night while sleeping?”; “When will Sabyasachi come out of his ‘coma’?” and “If people actually listen to Dhincahk Pooja’s songs, then when do they listen to other artists?” Nobody seems to have any answers, and after asking these puzzling questions, Salman proceeded towards the stage.

Salman Khan on Bigg Boss 11. Image from Twitter/@BiggBoss

Salman Khan on Bigg Boss 11. Image from Twitter/@BiggBoss

Soon after, we saw a highlight of everything that had happened in this week on Bigg Boss 11. The actor was seen picking out alternative careers for every contestant in the house; he said that Arshi could sell nighties and advised Shilpa to be a door-to-door saleswoman. He also addressed the issue of the peeing incident in this week’s captaincy task. During the task, Akash told Hiten to give up because he would definitely not relieve himself on national television. Benafsha told Hiten that if he was not going to, he should withdraw. Hiten withdrew because he said his children were watching, which meant that Puneesh became the new captain. Hina faced the camera and told Hiten’s kids and wife that they should be proud of him. Akash was happy when Puneesh was declared the captain and they kissed each other. Salman also attempted to shut down Shilpa and Vikas’s feud, which had been bothering everybody in the house.

Sapna put forth the condition that she would listen to Puneesh only if he made Bandgi do the dishes for three days non-stop. Referring to Vikas, Salman then talked to the contestants and told them that Bigg Boss has increased his ability to be patient. He then asked Akash to sing a song that he recently wrote. Akash obliged and performed the song with Hina. He also mocked Dhinchak Pooja for her new song, ‘Afreen Bewafa Hai‘. He then asked all the contestants to vote for the villain of the house, and everyone picked Vikas. Salman took a break from them, and we saw Shilpa announcing that she wants the housemates to pick her and Vikas to be the captain. Arshi compels them to take her and Hiten’s names.

Vikas on Bigg Boss 11. Image from Twitter/@BiggBoss

Vikas on Bigg Boss 11. Image from Twitter/@BiggBoss

Earlier, Vikas called Shilpa an evil stepmother who dwouldn’t even let him eat. She would not let go of this issue, and Hina wondered just how much Vikas must have tortured her for her to behave this way. Sapna and Hina decided to stay out of the matter since they didn’t know the complete truth. Salman came back and praised Vikas for his patience with Shilpa, who was harassing him. He added that he couldn’t ever walk in Vikas’ shoes. Vikas broke down again.

Salman said that whatever is happening is “too much”. The housemates then made it clear that Vikas is the villain of the house only because he tried to get out. Vikas said that if he was not on national television, he would have tied Shilpa up in an attempt to try and talk to her about her issue with him. Shilpa tried to justify her comments, but Vikas clarified that whatever happened in his personal life was very traumatising for him. Shilpa then added that she never got personal and that she was upset with his performance in the task.

Salman then interfereed and says that nobody wants to do anything about Shilpa-Vikas’ feud because no one knows who is in the wrong. He asked them to not use their personal relationships to make the show about them. Vikas then said that Shilpa needs to stop accusing him of making an MMS of her and threatening her with it. Shilpa refused to accept that she took Vikas’ name, and the contestants corroborated this.

Shilpa Shinde. Image from Twitter/@BiggBoss

Shilpa Shinde. Image from Twitter/@BiggBoss

He asked Hina for her opinion, and she blamed both of them for the fight. Salman said that they will just have to bear with each other. He asked Vikas to ignore Shilpa if she bothers him excessively. After Salman left, the housemates formed groups and began bickering. Salman came back and reminded them that there are contestants other than Shilpa and Vikas in the house. He then evaluated the luxury budget task with the contestants.

Hina blamed Shilpa for losing the luxury budget task. She said that Shilpa should never have trusted Arshi and was confused throughout the task. Puneesh named Bandgi, Benafsha, Hina, Arshi and Vikas as the top five rule breakers in the house. Bandgi’s punishment was to empty a bucket of muck on herself. Benafsha’s punishment was to drink juice made of bitter gourd and fish oil. Hina was asked to slap herself with a dead fish four times. Arshi was asked to put five clips on her face. Vikas was asked to brush his teeth with mustard and soya. The contestants mocked him while he tried to complete all the punishments.

Salman then came back to discuss the captaincy with them. Arshi said that the only reason contestants want captaincy is for the immunity, that they don’t care about the luxury budget task or chores. Sapna said that Benafsha was not the right candidate for captaincy and that somehow Benafsha ended up with more points. Benafsha confessed that she is not scared of nominations anymore. Salman cut her off and says that she should fear them.

When asked, Sapna said that even though everyone might vote for her to become a captain, no one will support her. She also added that Puneesh doesn’t deserve the captaincy. Salman said that Sapna will become a very good captain and then scared everyone by saying that out of the nine nominated contestants, as many as three people can get eliminated this weekend.

Later on, Priyank asked Bandgi to rub some lotion on his back — we wonder why he asked Bandgi — and she agrees. At night, Sapna and Priyank discussed Bandgi and Puneesh’s game plan. Puneesh and Bandgi curled up under the sheets later, and Salman joked that Puneesh was in a good space with both the captaincy and romance in his favour. But he said that it was sad that Puneesh’s track went unnoticed due to Vikas and Shilpa’s ongoing feud.


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