Bigg Boss 11 evicted contestants Sabyasachi and Mehjabi call Hina Khan manipulative, dominating

Sabyasachi Satpathy and Mehjabi Siddiqui were evicted from the Bigg Boss house this weekend, and with this, three ‘padosi’...

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Sabyasachi Satpathy and Mehjabi Siddiqui were evicted from the Bigg Boss house this weekend, and with this, three ‘padosi’ contestants (including Lucinda Nicholas) who had entered the house, have been shown the door due to poor votes. The fourth padosi, Luv Tyagi is also seen struggling to find a firm foothold in the game as he’s often told that he wasn’t doing much to be visible besides piggy-backing on Hina Khan, a prominent television actress and one of the strong contestants on the show.

Both, Sabyasachi and Mehjabi are not surprised with their eviction, but, unfortunately the former had to leave when he was just elected the captain. Mehjabi’s big fight with Hina Khan, who had provoked Mehjabi by accusing her of poking her nose in everybody’s affair, was starting to get her noticed.

“I didn’t want to leave because now I was seen and I had started bonding well with Shilpa, Akash and Arshi, so I am feeling bad about getting evicted,” said Mehjabi, further adding, “But I did quite well and enjoyed in jail as well. I wasn’t involved in fake fights like Benafsha (Soonawalla) just to be visible.”

Sabyasachi and Mehjabi. Images from Voot.

Talking about her fight with Hina, Mehjabi said indignantly, “Hina has a major problem. She wants to be seen all the time, she dominates over others and wants to wrap people around her little finger. She would instigate people in her group like Priyank, Benafsha and Luv and would also fire from others’ shoulder. Earlier, I didn’t quite like Arshi and Akash, and Hina wanted to use me to attack them but I didn’t do that. I’m happy that Salman pointed out her mistakes this weekend. Had I stayed back, I would have set her right.”

Sabyasachi, who was just elected the new captain defeating Bandgi Kalra and Akash Dadlani, too, isn’t disappointed with his ouster simply because he was selected among the huge population and that he could spend at least over a month inside the house. Sabyasachi was always seen cooking for everybody, along with Shilpa Shinde, and stayed away from the house politics and hence was not seen much.

“I would not get into arguments, or had any point of view, or took a stand without knowing the entire story. Also, now I’m capable of controlling my emotions. I have seen lots of ups and down in my life. I don’t get too excited, angry, happy or sad. But it’s a huge test of being yourself. I’m happy because of this lifetime experience. All the housemates were happy with me, I was friendly with all and I never poked my nose in anybody’s affair. But when someone was too sweet with me, I took a step back.” he said.

Both, Sabyasachi and Mehjabi see Shilpa as a strong contender and the possible winner as they feel that she’s mature, understanding and entertaining as well.

“At times Shilpa flips but she is better than the others,” said Mehjabi. “A person’s heart can be judged by the food they cook. Shilpa’s constantly cooking, she does a lot of hard work, in fact, she is over-worked. But she has this OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) and wants everything to be perfect. She is a cleanliness freak,” said Sabyasachi, who even lays his bets on Vikas Gupta, Arshi Khan and Akash Dadlani.

Interestingly, both the evicted contestants feel that Hiten Tejwani, who is so far considered to be a promising candidate, doesn’t stand much chance as he was being too careful about his image. “Hiten is not showing his true colours,” said Sabyasachi. “When Hiten was in jail, recently, he said he will come out a different person. He said he will transform from Kalicharan to Kaalia, but he couldn’t show his new side,” added Mehjabi.

However, Sabyasachi was disappointed with the behaviour of certain celebrities and made them responsible for all the bad things happening in the house.

“Hina is so manipulative, she uses Priyank as a shield to drive her point across. Priyank should have tried to do good after returning to the house.  Priyank and Luv are enamored by Hina, and with latter hugging them or getting friendly with them is a big thing for these boys as she is a big television celebrity. If Hina wanted to save the prize money then how could she think of getting down the ‘rocket’ if she was such a righteous person. When the core of a person is not good then even four kilos of make-up doesn’t help,” said Sabyasachi, further adding, “Commoners like Arshi and Akash enjoyed themselves even in jail, whereas when Hina, Hiten and Benafsha were sent to jail, recently, they didn’t take it in the right spirit and were seen bitching about the others. They may be big celebrities but they are small-hearted.”

But Sabyasachi is all praise for Vikas and Arshi. “Arshi is a brilliant human being. She respects people though she has notoriously funny way of luring people. Vikas doesn’t take sides, he listens and knows what exactly to say so that the other person understands. He is super intelligent and creative. He’s neutral at this moment,” said Sabyasachi.

Further, Sabyasachi attributes Akash’s aggressiven behavior to probably exposure to racial discrimination in the US where the  latter was raised. “But Akash is an interesting person and has different shades to him. He has a golden heart, he is a giver,” said Sabyasachi, who believes that Sapna Chaudhary has got laid back may be because she knows her fan following. “Sapna gets interested only when something hurts her but otherwise she rests a lot because somewhere she knows that she has a huge fan following,” he said.


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