Bigg Boss 11, Episode 75, 15 December 2017: Shilpa Shinde, Arshi Khan, Luv Tyagi fight over captaincy

Tonight’s episode of Bigg Boss 11 begins with Hina watching some unseen footage in which Shilpa mocks her while the she’s parting from her boyfriend, Rocky Jaiswal, who had entered the house during the ‘freeze’ task. On seeing the clip, Hina starts crying but she controls her emotions and quietly walks out of the activity area and comes back to the house. Everyone is curious to know what was shown to her, but she doesn’t say anything and locks herself in the bathroom. Luv and Vikas convince her to come out, but she wants more time. Vikas, who is supposed to watch the footage, too, asks Hina what was she shown as he wants to be prepared. She tells him that he has to forget and leave behind whatever he’s shown.

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Shilpa tells Puneesh that now Hina would act pricey and want some attention. Hina tells Vikas and Arshi what she saw. Puneesh also joins them and Hina tells him that she saw the clip where he (Puneesh) tells Shilpa that Luv has one-sided feelings for Hina. Luv, who is also there, gets angry and asks Puneesh that why is he spreading such ‘false’ stories. When Hina confronts Puneesh for calling her a “low-level celebrity”, he tells her that she must have done something for him to say it. Hina then blasts Shilpa for making fun of her saying that how could a woman do that to another woman who was sobbing uncontrollably. Arshi also adds to it.

Now it’s Vikas’ turn to watch the footage. He sees a clip where Hina tells Priyank and Luv that they should not give Vikas a lot of importance. He’s also shown Hina mocking him. The other option for Vikas was to watch what Priyank and Luv were talking about him a few minutes back, but he decides to find out on his own.

Vikas comes out and asks Luv what was he talking to Priyank about just 20 minutes back. Luv tells him that he doesn’t remember. Vikas tells Hina that Luv and Priyank were bitching about him when he was sitting just a few steps away from them. Vikas goes up to Priyank and asks him what has he been talking about him. Priyank doesn’t bother to reply and says that he will continue doing so. Hina tells Vikas that he can’t stop anyone from talking about him as everybody has been doing that.

Arshi tells Shilpa that she looks good when she ties her hair but when she leaves it open, she looks like a psycho. This doesn’t go down well with Shilpa, who threatens her saying that she will never forget her words and will get back at her her when they’re out. Arshi looks into the camera and says she was just joking. Soon, Bigg Boss announces that Akash, Hiten and Priyank’s term in the jail has come to an end.

Bigg Boss asks the winning team (Vikas, Shilpa, Arshi and Luv) to elect, with mutual consent, the top two contenders for captaincy. Luv, Shilpa and Arshi raise their hands for captaincy. Arshi says that Shilpa shouldn’t be the captain as her performance in the task was not up to the mark. Akash tells Puneesh in the living area that Shilpa shouldn’t be the captain as she won’t save him. Arshi wants to retain her captaincy as she claims (while quoting Salman Khan) that she attained the previous captaincy in ‘khairath’. Shilpa on the other hand is equally determined to fight for captaincy, as she has till date sacrificed that position for the inmates in the house. Shilpa and Arshi get into multiple arguments with each other and the team seems to be having a hard time on meeting midway.

Vikas willingly sacrifices his captaincy and suggests Arshi and Shilpa should be the top contenders but Luv does not think Arshi capable enough to retain her captaincy. His preference would be Shilpa and himself, post which he gets into an intense argument with Arshi. In the process, Shilpa tells Arshi that whatever she is doing now shows her class. Arshi gets angry and lashes out at Shilpa. Shilpa walks out and goes in the living room and she tells everyone that it was impossible to talk to Arshi. Arshi starts yelling and tells Vikas that Shilpa didn’t need captaincy in these 12 weeks, so why does she want it now.

Meanwhile, Hina tells Priyank that he shouldn’t bother about Vikas. She says that according to Vikas, Priyank has said bad things about Benafsha. Priyank denies it. She also says that she doesn’t know how close Vikas and Priyank were when they were outside the house but the situation is exactly how it is with Shilpa and Vikas. This angers Priyank and he storms out as he tells Hina to not trust him henceforth.

Bigg Boss asks Arshi to name the contenders for captaincy, but she says that they couldn’t come to a decision. Bigg Boss condemns this and cancels the captaincy task for this week. With this Arshi’s tenure as the captain comes to an end.

Arshi announces that Shilpa didn’t select Puneesh when she was given an option but Puneesh doesn’t get carried away and tells her that why would Shilpa pick him if she, too, was the contender for captaincy. Shilpa says that people love to create fights. Vikas also takes Puneesh aside and tells him that Shilpa didn’t pick him when she was given an option to step down and let Puneesh be the contender for captaincy. But Puneesh seems to trust Shilpa more and he goes and tells her that Vikas was instigating him against her by saying that she didn’t support him (Puneesh) for captaincy. Shilpa gets hurt and says, “Kya chaalu cheez hai Vikas Gupta (How cunning is Vikas Gupta). Shilpa also finds it strange that Vikas has been supporting someone like Arshi, and even took her name for captaincy, again.


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