The episode begins with the whole house talking about Priyank and Benafsha sleeping on the same bed last night. Vikas goes up to Priyank and tells him that he should not do such things on national television. Hina also reprimands them. Benafsha wonders what the big deal is and says that she was feeling a bit low and hence she wanted some support.

Hina Khan on Bigg Boss 11

Hina Khan on Bigg Boss 11

Priyank tries to explain their situation to Vikas who says he would have slapped him had he seen them on the same bed. Hina says she is fed up of Benafsha. She also tells Priyank that he could have asked her to go back to her bed.

After Sabyasachi’s exit from Bigg Boss, the house is awaiting its next captain. This week’s luxury budget task ‘BB Dino Park’ will play a vital role in deciding the top contenders for the captaincy task. Though Benafsha is already nominated for eviction, she can become the next captain but will not be safe from nominations. Today, the chance of attaining captaincy for some of the contestants is going to be crushed by dinosaurs running around in the Bigg Boss house.

The lawn area has been converted into a dinosaur park and each contestant’s photograph is placed in the centre of the lawn area. Vikas, Puneesh and Luv are the three ‘dinosaurs’ locked in a cage in the BB Dino Park. At regular intervals, with the sound of a dinosaur roaring, one ‘dinosaur’ can come out of the cage and crush one of the contestants’ picture whom they do not want to see as the next captain. The other contestants will play the role of caretakers who have to pamper the dinosaurs. It is their responsibility to ensure that dinosaurs are happy and well fed. As the three dinosaurs Vikas, Puneesh and Luv are in the cage, they plan to peacefully complete this task by taking turns to get out of the cage.

The first ‘dinosaur’ to make it inside the arena is Luv who first destroys Shilpa’s picture because she has said that if she became a captain, she would make Luv’s life hell. On seeing Luv ruining her chance of becoming the captain, Shilpa says that he has been saved. In the second chance, Luv makes it inside the arena once again and destroys Arshi’s picture. Both Shilpa and Arshi discuss that the contestants were feeling insecure because of them.

Shilpa and Arshi are now inside the house and they talk about Akash’s changed behaviour.  Shilpa is upset that Akash was bad mouthing her and Vikas’ newfound friendship. Arshi passes a comment that Benafsha will go far in the game. Bandgi hears this and goes and tells Benafsha. While the two are talking Arshi walks in and admits to saying everything. An argument ensues between Arshi and Benafsha, that Priyank resolves. Shilpa and Arshi talk about Priyank and Bandgi’s new friendship.

Vikas, Luv and Puneesh talk about who should go next inside the arena to destroy other contestants’ pics. Luv refuses to budge and says that he will go again. Vikas says that he should go next. Luv’s costume is destroyed after a scuffle and he gets an unfair advantage over other because of the same. Bigg Boss asks Hiten to pass the message to ask other contestants to remove their dinosaur costumes so that it is fair for all.

The planning and plotting against the contestants increases. Hina asks Luv to not trust Vikas. Akash says that he is upset with Shilpa and Arshi. He calls Arshi a chamchi. He says that he is upset with her because she refused to listen to his request about not irritating Hiten. Arshi says that is her personal choice.

It is rather rare to see any task being peacefully completed, and this time is no exception. Vikas and Luv seem to disagree with each other from time to time. Contrary to what was planned and discussed, Vikas goes ahead and does what he pleases and destroys Hina’s photo instead of Sapna’s; and then retaliates saying Luv should use his own sense while playing this game. He warns Luv not to influence his mindset just because he wants Hina to be one of the top contenders for captaincy. Luv is pissed with Vikas as he feels betrayed. Sapna destroys her own picture. Hiten goes inside the kitchen and argues with Sapna that they will lose the luxury budget task this time because of her actions.

Luv and Vikas continue to argue about the dinosaur task. Arshi tells Vikas to not argue with Luv as no one is answerable to anyone. Puneesh hugs Vikas and tells him that he played well. Luv is miffed with Vikas for eliminating Hina and says that the game is now between them. Vikas explains Luv and Puneesh’s plans to Shilpa and Arshi.  Vikas and Hiten bitch and also make fun of Luv during the night after the lights are turned off.


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