Bigg Boss 11, Episode 44, 14 November 2017: Hina, Benafsha, Sapna get nominated

This week began on an emotionally draining note because of the nomination process introduced by Bigg Boss. Contestants have...

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This week began on an emotionally draining note because of the nomination process introduced by Bigg Boss. Contestants have to complete extremely difficult tasks wherein they have to sacrifice something that is very precious for them to save another contestant from nominations.

Hina Khan on Bigg Boss 11

Hina Khan on Bigg Boss 11

Priyank went bald to save Hiten. Luv had to get ‘zero’ tattooed with henna on his forehead to save Hina. After the task, Luv tries to remove the zero from his forehead with Hina’s help. She uses the make-up remover to do that. The condition of the task included that he should not remove the tattoo or try to hide it and hence Bigg Boss gets angry and scolds the contestants for being unable to understand simple instructions. While Hina tries to give an explanation, her safety from nominations is withheld and she gets nominated. Luv writes ‘zero’ on his forehead again after Arshi proves that he used make up to hide it but it is of no use.

Despite being cautioned by show host, Salman Khan, Bandgi and Puneesh continue their dirty talks and get cozy late in the night.

Next day, contestants wake up to ‘What Is Mobile Number.’ Hiten and Akash get into an argument as the latter says that Hiten enjoys when Shilpa and Arshi flirt with him. Shilpa is the first one to pick up the phone as the task continues. Shilpa is told that she can save herself from nominations if Vikas destroys his favourite jacket which he has got specially made. He is supposed to dip that jacket in paint. Vikas has a heart to heart talk with Shilpa wherein Vikas says that he could have helped her when she was ousted from the television show, and Shilpa says that she kept irritating and harassing him endlessly. They both forgive each other. Vikas asks Shilpa to promise that she will work with him after the show. Shilpa refuses initially but agrees, later, with a condition that the work should be of a few days. Vikas then destroys his jacket.

Akash says that Shilpa and Vikas’ fake fight got exposed. Arshi is called by Bigg Boss as the next contestant.

Inside the house, Hina and Benafsha start mocking Shilpa for crying over Vikas and his jacket but Shilpa does not pay any heed to it. Shilpa says that to live with people like her is a bigger task than anything. Bigg Boss asks Arshi to tell Shilpa that she has to destroy the photo of tiger sent by his brother on Diwali. Shilpa instantly agrees. She does not get emotional about it as she feels that it was no big deal and her brother has many more pictures of tiger. She apologises to her brother while dipping the photo in paint.

Puneesh has to make Bandgi give up all her clothes except one set, and also leave all her make-up in the store room to get saved. Bandgi agrees despite Puneesh telling her not to do it. Puneesh gets saved from eliminations. Bandgi is next. She can save herself if Akash gives up his hair. Akash refuses initially but when Puneesh begs him to do the task, he agrees. He jokingly tells Bandgi that he is paying the price of Puneesh’s relationship with her.

Luv is next on the stand. He can save himself if Hina destroys her favourite soft toy, which is with her for the past eight years. Hina starts crying while Shilpa and Arshi wonder if she had ever cried like that for a human being.  Luv tells her she does not have to do the task. Shilpa looks at her and says ‘acting’. Hina, who gets support from Priyank and Sapna, brings the soft toy outside. Shilpa and Arshi make fun of them for making it feel like a legit funeral. Hina says ‘I love you’ to the soft toy and destroys it. Luv is saved.

Next up is Vikas Gupta. He has to ask Arshi to sacrifice all her nighties to save himself. Vikas calls Arshi and breaks the news to her. After a moment of shock, Arshi agrees to do the task and save Vikas.

Next contestant is Sapna. She is nominated unless she asks Puneesh to wear her salwaar kameez for the rest of the week. Sapna first refuses to convey the message but after contestants insist, she spells it out. Sapna says that she will rather get nominated than make Puneesh wear her clothes. Bandgi says that it was a disgusting thing to ask a guy to wear woman’s clothes.  Hina tries to convince Puneesh to do the task but Puneesh flatly refuses. Vikas asks Puneesh what difference it would make but Puneesh ultimately says ‘No’ and Sapna gets nominated.

After the task is over, the three nominated contestants include Sapna, Hina and Benafsha. With Hina and Sapna being strong contestants, Benafsha feels that she will be evicted this weekend and starts brooding about it. She gets into a bad mood and is probably also regretting that Vikas had advised her to not get nominated which she did in order to save Priyank. However, Priyank tells her to keep calm till the weekend. At night, Puneesh wakes up Hiten to show him that Benafsha and Priyank were sharing the bed. Hiten does not care much and goes off to sleep.


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