Bigg Boss 11‘s latest Weekend Ka Vaar began with Salman Khan telling us that five contestants have been nominated for evictions this week. Vidya Balan joined Salman on the stage. She was there to promote her upcoming film Tumhaari Sulu, where she plays a radio jockey. Before joining Salman on stage, Vidya had visited the Bigg Boss house. Shilpa and Vikas were hosting a radio show in the activity area as their co-contestants listened to them from the living area.

Vidya entered the activity area and started this radio show. It was during this that Vikas asked Bandgi if she genuinely loves Puneesh back, and she said ‘yes’, not once, but thrice. Shilpa took a jibe at Hina by mentioning that she takes forever to do her make-up. Hina replied that it is a part of her job and that Shilpa may not not be used to it anymore, referring to her unemployment. Shilpa said that she doesn’t need to put on make-up.

Vidya Balan and Salman Khan on Bigg Boss 11. Image from Twitter/@BiggBoss

Vidya Balan and Salman Khan on Bigg Boss 11. Image from Twitter/@BiggBoss

Hiten was asked if he loves Arshi, and he denied, adding that she is his sister. On the other hand, Arshi confessed that she is madly in love with Hiten and that she won’t stop pursuing him even when they leave the Bigg Boss 11 house. Vidya called Arshi bindaas. Sapna was asked why sleeps on other days and wakes up only on the weekends, when Salman is on the show. On Vidya’s request, Sapna and Arshi danced to the song ‘Main Naagin Naagin‘, and Sapna stole Arshi’s thunder with her moves. Vidya left without meeting the rest of the contestants. She then went back to the stage and told Salman that Akash was most entertaining, whereas Hina and Sapna were upfront when it came to answering questions, to which Salman said that the two are not fond of Vikas and Shilpa. Soon, some children joined Salman and Vidya on the stage and they played a round of Dumb Charades. Vidya left the stage and Salman showed us the after-effects of the radio show.

Sapna and Vikas got into an argument, as Sapna was offended by the questions she was asked during the radio show. Vikas told her that the questions were already given to him, but Sapna didn’t cool down. Vikas walked out on her. Soon after, it is revealed that the question for Sapna had come from Puneesh.

Salman announced that there will be double evictions this weekend and told the contestants that the captaincy task was the most peaceful task this season. He congratulated Sabyasachi on becoming the new captain. He then asked Mehjabi to leave the house, as she had received the least number of votes. Arshi began crying as Mehjabi exited.

Asha Negi and Mubeen Khan, who are a part of Colors’ new show, Entertainment Ki Raat, joined Salman on stage. They told Salman to promote their show, but he ended up taking a dig at himself and said that he couldn’t promote his own film Tubelight.

Salman met the contestants again and announced that this week, it would be Priyank and Vikas competing in the Sultaani Akhaada. They joined Salman in the activity area, where he started off by asking them to tell him why they are better than the other. Vikas said he is more focused and he is enjoying this game, but Priyank says that while he, too, is enjoying the game, Vikas, who was once his friend, is now constantly angry at him. Vikas won this round as he got support from seven of his co-contestants, while Priyank got votes from six. The next round was a wrestling match, but with a twist. Surprisingly, Vikas won that too and beat Priyank overall. Shilpa, Akash, Puneesh, Bandgi and Arshi celebrated Vikas’ win.

Sabyasachi and Mehjabi. Images from Voot.

Elininated contestants Sabyasachi and Mehjabi. Images from Voot.

Later, Salman announced that Sabyasachi has been eliminated, and Sapna broke down as Sabyasachi walked towards the main exit. Everybody was emotional during these two evictions, and in this mood, Priyank apologised to Arshi and hugged her. She accepted his apology. Shilpa also started crying and hid under a table while doing so. Vikas consoled her and told her that she is very strong and shouldn’t break down. Soon the entire gang — Arshi, Puneesh, Bandgi and Akash — joined them. Shilpa told Vikas to be nice to her, because life is too short. He promised that he won’t hurt her again.