Bigg Boss 11, Episode 40, 10 November 2017: Akash, Bandagi compromise to make Sabyasachi new captain

With Hina, Hiten and Benafsha in jail, the housemates, including Vikas and Arshi, are out to target Luv, who...

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With Hina, Hiten and Benafsha in jail, the housemates, including Vikas and Arshi, are out to target Luv, who is in the gang of former three.

Priyank tells the contestants in jail that Luv was coming across as a weak person. On one hand, Arshi keeps harassing Luv by calling him Hina’s bouncer; and on the other hand, Vikas has a heated argument with Luv. Meanwhile, Hiten wonders when the housemates will cook as he is hungry and can hear the housemates argue non-stop in the house. Since they don’t hear Priyank’s voice, Hina points out to Hiten and Benafsha that Priyank was not uttering a single word even as Luv’s life was being made a living hell. When both Vikas and Arshi do not stop targeting Luv, Priyank finally tells Vikas to stop it.

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Soon after, Puneesh calls Luv for a chat essentially to ask him what he, Hina, Benafsha and Hiten were planning and plotting but Luv denies the allegation. Puneesh wants to understand more but tells Luv that he will talk to him when nobody was around. Later, Hina and Priyank discuss how Vikas was being the leader and creating rifts between everyone. Hina calls him a dictator. Vikas goes on to have a chat with Sapna about Hina forming her own group and instigating members in her gang. Sapna agrees that Luv was in the wrong, in staring at Arshi.

Hina and Benafsha, who are in the jail, whisper about Priyank. Hina feels that the friendship between Benafsha and Priyank is changing as she feels they are getting attracted to each other. Benafsha tells her that she has a boyfriend but Hina tells her that Priyank’s behaviour has changed in the past four to five days. Benafsha keeps smiling and blushing.

The next morning, contestants wake up to the peppy number ‘Main Khiladi Tu Anari’ and we see a sudden change in Hiten’s personality. He says that the jail has done something to him and he will come out as a different person. Actually, Hiten gets provoked when Priyanka and Luv tell him that Bandgi had called him a loser. Hina remarks in jest that Hiten was on fire.

Shilpa, Akash and Arshi are talking to each other wherein Arshi says that Hina was the worst person but Vikas is not that bad a person. She tells Shilpa to forgive him when the right time comes and their matter reaches a point of solution. Shilpa says she has already forgiven him provided he apologises to her. Later, Akash and Luv are eating at the dining table and Luv tells him that he does not have a problem with him. Akash tells him that he is standing up for the wrong people.

Puneesh’s captaincy comes to an end. This week, three commoners have been nominated for the captaincy task, Sabyasachi, Bandagi and Akash; giving each a chance to have the upper hand in the game. The task today is all about protecting and collecting eggs! Three nests are placed in the lawn area and the contestants nominated for captaincy have to save and protect their nest. Each contestant is given a single egg to safely keep it with themselves. The gharwale have a choice here – they can choose the next campaign by simply placing their egg in the respective nest.

The three contenders have to convince the other contestants to place their egg in their nest. The contestants with the maximum number of eggs in their nest win the captaincy task. But there is a catch! Breaking one’s egg is not out of bounds so the contestants have to do their best to keep their egg protected. Bandgi is upset about the fact that Bigg Boss did not give a individual task as she had a feeling that except Puneesh, no one else wants to see her as the next captain. Akash seems to be upset with Shilpa as she supports Sabyasachi over him in the next luxury budget task. But eventually, both Bandgi and Akash understand the problem and are fine with Sabyasachi becoming the captain.

Meanwhile Hina and Benafsha take advantage of the situation and pass comments on Akash saying that his own friends do not want him to be the captain.  While the task is going on, Vikas and Priyank get into a serious argument, and Vikas says that Priyank is simply finding excuses to pick a fight. Sapna at the same time lashes out at Vikas asking him to mind his language and attitude while talking to girls.  Vikas tells Shilpa about Priyank’s behaviour and she taunts him saying that even she felt bad when people, whom she was close to, did not stand up with her, referring to the Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hain! controversy. Vikas tells her that now he understands her plight.

The task comes to an end and Sabyasachi is announced as the next captain. He gets a power wherein he has to free one of the three prisoners. He selects Hiten. Hina says it is unfair that they had to spent so long in the jail as other people also break rules. Finally, it is announced that Hina and Benafsha’s punishment has come to an end. Luv carries Hina’s belongings inside the house and everybody starts making fun of him. Soon Arshi and Hina get into a fight after the former spills some water on her in the kitchen. Hina does not like it one bit and lashes out at Arshi, who keeps laughing.

Soon after, there is yet another task between three pairs – Priyank-Benafsha; Akash-Arshi and Puneesh-Bandgi. The boys have to run through various hurdles and reach a point where in their respective partners clean their face thoroughly, and whichever pair completes the task in least time will be declared the winner. Akash-Arshi emerge as the winner and they are presented with a huge hamper of goodies.


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