Tonight’s episode of Bigg Boss 11 is a continuation from the last night’s telecast. Shilpa continues to harass Vikas along with Akash and make his life a living hell. Shilpa and Akash stay put outside kaalkothri late in the night where Vikas is locked along with Arshi and Mehjabi. They keep passing caustic comments, whereas Vikas pretends to sleep. Shilpa tries various means to instigate and trouble Vikas. When Vikas realises what she was upto, he calls her a mad woman. Vikas requests Bigg Boss that the jail gate be opened as he wants to use the wash room in the Bigg Boss house as he isn’t comfortable using the one in the kaalkothri, and Shilpa is heard saying that he wanted special treatment. Vikas comes out and tells Bigg Boss that he wants to leave the show because he can’t tolerate the harassment any further.

Bigg Boss 11 contestant Hiten Tejwani. Image from Facebook/@tejwanihiten

Bigg Boss 11 contestant Hiten Tejwani. Image from Facebook/@tejwanihiten

Meanwhile, Shilpa and Akash are seen enjoying the scenario, and former says that Vikas shouldn’t leave the show as she wants to harass him more. Vikas tries to find ways of jumping out of the house. He climbs on a stool and checks out various possibilities but he is unsuccessful and he  spends the whole night in the garden area. ‘Captain’ Luv tries to make Vikas understand that he should not try climbing the rooftop or he may fall and break his limbs. Vikas goes back to the kaalkothri.

The housemates wake up to the title track of Jo Jeeta Woh Sikander — Yahan ke hum sikander. Luv tells Hiten and Hina about how Vikas was trying to jump off the house the previous night, and Hina jokingly says that she would have shown him a better method of jumping out and escaping. Puneesh feels that now Vikas should leave the house or else he will look stupid considering that he had tried to jump out of the house earlier, too.

Akash repeats Shilpa’s words that he should stay back so that he can harass him more. Hina says that Vikas will change his mind of leaving the house when Bigg Boss will announce that he and Benafsha were competing for captaincy.

Puneesh and Akash look for the latter’s shield, the Suraksha Kawach (Immunity shield)  given by Gauahar Khan that was hid by Vikas. Later they find it in Vikas’s suitcase and hide it so that Vikas and Arshi don’t come to know that he has found it. And Shilpa, who keeps calling Vikas as ‘Qaidi Number 420’, is back outside the kaalkothri to instigate Vikas while Sapna and Arshi are seen enjoying the banter. Shilpa continues to blame Vikas for her ouster from a show and making her jobless for two years, whereas Vikas denies being responsible for the same.

Soon after, Bigg Boss announces that Vikas, Mehjabi and Arshi’s punishment has come to an end. As Vikas is lying on the bed, Shilpa goes up to him and repeatedly asks him if he wants to eat or drink something.  Vikas refuses to talk to her and gets irritated, but Bandgi tells him that instead of losing cool, he can tell her his demands. But Vikas insists that Shilpa’s aim was to start a dialogue and irritate him further.

It’s now time to select the new captain of the house. Bigg Boss announces that as per condition, since Vikas won the luxury budget task, the ban on him becoming the captain has been lifted. However, he cannot contest for captaincy this week since he flouted the rules and tried escaping from the house multiple times. Benafsha had more money at the end of the task, and hence she is announced as one of the three contenders. The housemates have to decide the other two contenders. They decide Hiten and Puneesh to compete with Benafsha for captaincy. Sapna doesn’t like that, and she starts crying feeling it was an unfair decision.

For the captaincy task, all the three contenders have to keep cycling and drink a full glass of water at intervals. The one, who stays on the cycle for the longest, wins. Benafsha gives up and the competition for captaincy will now be held between Hiten and Puneesh.


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