Windows 10 upgrade is free for Windows 7 or 8 genuine users. If you are using genuine Windows 7 or 8 follow the below steps to skip the wait for your Windows 10 update.

1. Backup your PC

windows backup
Backup your pc

Before performing any operating system upgrade, you should back up your pc. Backing up is a good practice in general, but it’s especially important as a fail-safe should something go awry during this manual upgrade process—or if you decide you don’t like Windows 10 as much as you thought you would, roll back to your previous OS, and discover your system isn’t quite the same as it was before.

2. Download the Tool

windows media creation tool
windows media creation tool

If you are using 64-bit Windows, go to the links of 7/8 of the 64-bit Microsoft’s Media Creation Tool Download . Download the appropriate version using 32-bit.

Microsoft’s Windows 10 download page

3. Run the Media Creation Tool

Right-click  on the exe file and select run as administrator to run. The next screen choose Upgrade this pc is the only option then press Next.

Run the Media Creation Tool
Run the Media Creation Tool

Now some people may have an error message that Something wrong ! If so, go to your computer Windows 7/8 Control Panel> Language to go in to the system language and English India, rather than English (US) is set to Restart the computer and run the tool to do that again .

Download files to your Windows 10 upgrade from the Internet it would take half an hour or a half day depending on your Internet speed. Please be patient.

The Media Creation Tool will then download Windows 10. When it’s done, accept the End User License Agreement (EULA), and then choose what you want to keep when upgrading. If you want to keep everything as it is, select “Keep personal files and apps”.

keep personal files and apps

After you’ve made your selection, the Media Creation Tool shows you a confirmation of the settings you’ve picked for upgrade; if everything looks right, click on Install.

The Most Important Note:

For those who are using the original Windows 7 or 8 after upgrading the product key will be changed. So, after upgrading to the windows 10 go to Belarc Advisor. Download the Belarc Advisor software from the site and scan your pc. After completion it will give you the complete information about your PC in that it appears the serial number of your Windows 10 (Windows 8 Product Key will save the old name . But the number varies) save the serial number. In the future when you format the system and the serial number of the new Windows 10 is mandatory to enter.

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