Aramm trailer: Nayanthara plays a simple yet powerful collector in this political drama

Aramm, directed by Gopi Nainar, is the tale of a district in Tamil Nadu, which is now dying due to the several fails of the government. Leading this pact is Nayanthara as a collector, who on the face of it, is a leader battling the corrupted world of politics.

Nayanthara in a still from Ammal. YouTube

Nayanthara in a still from Aramm. YouTube

In the little that we are exposed to with the trailer, the film promises to bring out the performer that Nayanthara is, as she tries to protect the interests of the commoners and save them from the problems of water scarcity and agriculture.

With Aramm, after a long time, we have a female lead playing the protagonist in a Tamil political drama. There is no mega star trying to fix everything with high level action sequences, punch lines and a love story. Clad in a cotton sari, Nayanthara is seen in her simplest onscreen avatar yet.

Ghibran’s background music adds to the intensity of this trailer that deals with social issues. Having said that, the plot and the premise that we are exposed to in the trailer, is nothing we have not seen before. But what would make it an interesting watch is how Nayanthara fights the bad guys and brings about the much needed change in the village.

While the makers released the trailer today, fans are now eagerly waiting to here more of Nayanthara’s powerful dialogues as heard in the latest glimpse. Produced by KJR studios, Aramm is set to hit screens on 10 November.


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