An offbeat Valentine’s Day: Here’s a playlist of Bollywood’s most cringe-worthy love songs

Bollywood films are known for its colourful settings, dance, drama and of course romance — kudos to the films of Raj Kapoor, Guru Dutt, Yash Chopra, Karan Johar that have created Bollywood romance-dramas as a legit genre of cinema in India.

Time and again, fans of Hindi films take to these romantic tracks often as a medium to voice their own feelings and expressions.

But on this Valentine’s Day, we at Firstpost decided to take a detour. We all know the romantic tracks, but what about the so-bad-it’s-good variety? What about the songs you are embarrassed to be humming but can’t get out of your head? What about your drunken jams, which you fight very hard to keep a secret?

Here’s a list of cringe-worthy Bollywood love songs. Roses are red, cringe is alive.

Pyaar Hukka Bar

This song from Akshay Kumar’s Khiladi 786 has never made sense to us. How can love and a hukka parlour have any connection? The most we can decipher out of these lines is that one’s love is as intoxicating as a hukka.

Ilu Ilu

We do understand that in those days (90s), professing your love out in open was still taboo, but abbreviating it to “Ilu” may have made things worse.

Haye Huku

Bollywood has had a strong relationship with the weird lyrics; so much so that many don’t even make any sense. They are nothing but gibberish passed off as lyrics. ‘Haye Huku‘, seriously?

Mohabbat Hai Mirchi

As spicy it can get, love definitely can’t be compared to a chilli. Rakhi Sawant and Zayed Khan danced their way to the chartbusters with this song, but failed to make sense even today.

Batata Vada

If you haven’t listened to this gem, tune in right away (don’t curse us for making you go through it). Madhuri Dixit, Anil Kapoor (yes, the same actors who gave us the iconic ‘Dhak Dhak’) dance, fly, make awful gestures and pose with batata vadas (fried potato balls). If you think we are making all this up, just watch it!

You Are My Chicken Fry

Bappi Lahiri and Shweta Shetty together — what do you think could be the outcome? From chicken fry, fish fry to masala dosa: Both of them made love into a gastronomical experience, and it isn’t finger lickin’ good.

Caller Tune

If the film Humshakals wasn’t bad enough, the song ‘Caller Tune’ made it even worse.

Main Ladki Po Po Po

Hera Pheri remains a classic even today, after 18 years of its theatrical release. But the laugh riot had a song that is absolutely cringe-worthy. Bad music, worse choreography and the worst lyrics make this a part of our list.

Jab Tak Rahega Samose Me Aalu

Bollywood’s gastronomical romances don’t end with batata vadas and chicken fry; here’s a part of our global identity – samosa. This song is Bollywood’s homage to those triangles of flour-y delight.

What is Mobile Number

While Govinda is often credited with bringing bad-lyrics into mainstream cinema, this song tops his list. Karisma and Govinda spend the whole song asking for each other’s mobile number and dancing in the peppiest of costumes.

Published Date: Feb 14, 2018 17:56 PM | Updated Date: Feb 14, 2018 18:36 PM