Your Account Will Be In Hackers Hands, If You Do This
Your Account Will Be In Hackers Hands, If You Do This

Nowadays hackers becoming very intelligent. Russian hackers try to do hack the gmail users accounts world wide, who targeted the US and the European elections.

Normally you receive a mail in phishing attack. If you open that page and click on that link the details of your account will go to the hacker. But in these days everyone enables the two step verification process for their accounts. So there is no use to hackers with these type of phishing attacks.

So Russian hackers invented new method that you will receive an email. In that you have the following message. “We have noticed that your account is attempting so many times, so keep your account safe please install the google defender”.

In that you have the google defender button. If you click on that , you will see OAuth screen which is access to your gmail account instead of asking your username and password. So many members will click allow without any knowledge.

After that hackers can access your gmail account with out using your username, password and OTP. This can not noticed by you also. So be careful with these type of emails.

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