8 secret perks of working at Google

Google has been one of the best employers in recent years. Googlers report the highest job satisfaction among the top tech giants.

While executing the innovative projects, the company makes sure that it supports its employees in every way it can. Googlers enjoy the best benefits that a tech company could offer. From the paid maternity leave to death benefits policy, Google cares a lot for its employees. We’ve listed some of the secret and coolest perks that Googlers get to enjoy.

1. Free meals

Google offers free meals at work to its employees. The company has campus cafes, micro kitchens, and pantries. While many companies offer free snacks to its employees, Google goes one step ahead and offers all the meals at work for free. Googlers enjoy endless options for breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinner. The company offers free food to help its employees save on personal costs.

2. Organize talks

Googlers can organize talks at Google campus. The company has an internal program that lets Googlers invite the speaker of their choice. Google employees witness a diverse range of speakers throughout the year. These speakers include authors, broadway casts, chefs, actors, celebrities and create teams. The company publishes most of these talks on YouTube.

3. On-site gym

Most of the Google campuses have an on-site gym. The gym s accessible to all the Googlers 24/7. The best part about the gym is, the company also offers free classes throughout the day along with the gym. The whole idea is to help employees stay fit and save time by working out in an on-site gym.

4. Unique offices

The company is very experimental when it comes to choosing the location for its office. Google offices around the world have a playful ambiance. The view from the office is amazing too. Google offices itself have amazing perks for all Googlers.

5. Massage

Google offices around the world have in-house massage therapists. The company offers a certain number of free massages to all employees. The highly trained therapist’s job is to help employees relax when they are stressed. In some offices, Google has a wellness and healthcare services. These services include physicians, physiotherapists, and chiropractors.

6. Free shuttle

In some offices, the company offers a free shuttle for transportation between work and home. These shuttles are fast, accessible and free. The company offers the free shuttle considering the subpar public transportation system in metro cities. All shuttles are equipped with WiFi to help Googlers stay connected on the go.

7. 20% time

The tech giant helps its employees to do what they love. Right from on-site coding classes to guitar lessons. Google encourages its employees to spend 20% of their office time in pursuing their passion. The company is known for its “20% time” policy.

8. Community services program

Google encourages its employees to participate in community services program as a group. The company helps its employees donate their wealth to charity. There are numerous volunteer driven community programs that Google organizes throughout the year. Google allows up to 20 hours of work time every year to employees to volunteer in such programs.