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6 Ways To Get Back On Day Trading Track After A Major Loss



6 Ways To Get Back On Day Trading Track After A Major Loss          

Regardless of whether it was caused by a slip of the pen, a fat finger, a technical glitch, a bumper thumper, or only a step of trading capital, each stock-marketer will confront a few misfortunes during their days-of-trading. Overcoming from such losses isn’t difficult or complicated you simply need to understand and practice after a couple of steps.

The difficult part is gaining back your confidence which got damaged during the last transaction you made while day trading. Overconfidence is certainly bad, but successful traders have to have that confidence so as to avoid trading in a dreadful condition, which is quite harmful to them. The perfect is that amazing level and clear certainty that enables you to seize chances and diminish misfortunes with a similar level of cool separation.

Here is the list of a couple of steps you should take to get yourself back on the track after a heart-wrenching loss.

Control the damage

You probably have done the biggest blunder of all time. The losses are huge, and it’s not returning to your direction. This is the ideal opportunity to control the damage so as to limit the effect of your losing exchange. Take a couple of minutes to rejuvenate and ask yourself how you can accomplish the most ideal result from this terrible circumstance.

Take rest from trading for a day

Truly, just stop for a day or two!

When you experience a huge reversal during your trading-practice, your judgment will get clogged rage, fear, dissatisfaction, an unreasonable disdain of the market, self-hatred, and what-not. All these intense feelings will make it difficult to keep up the quiet and clear vision of the business sectors that you have to day trade effectively.

Acknowledging the responsibility

When things have settled down and your feelings are under control, set aside the opportunity to survey what you messed up. This procedure is imperative both for moving beyond the occurrence with the goal that you can push ahead and gaining from your slip-or goof-up so it doesn’t occur once more. Yes, there are plenty of sensible reasons for why it happened, yet by the day’s end, you made the choice, and the result is your obligation. Recognize it, learn from it, and then rectify it!

Get back To positive-self

Our losses affect us more than our wins overwhelm us! Nevertheless, unbiasedly, they boast only a part of a trader’s reputation. Begin concentrating on the long series of wins that make you the esteemed person that you are. Begin contemplating how to set up your next effective trade, specifically on the grounds that you have become even more shrewd and more experienced after experiencing such loss.

Assure yourself that you are a confident individual

Fire up the trading accounts lying in your office, and begin working on a couple of trades to get back to the track. The moment you will start making effective trades on your paper accounts, the confidence level within you will boost up and will be reinforced by the fact that you know your area of interest with significant proficiency. As a matter of fact, you will learn that the recent loss was merely a mistake that can be rectified and avoided in future.

Get into trading again, but take small steps

The important and last step is to get back to your live account and begin making genuine trades. You will still feel the heat of your last mistake, but it’s up to you to give less thought to it. It’s better if you start with a small amount–just to ease yourself into getting on the track and swing of things. After a couple of good trades, you’ll prepare yourself for bigger trades, and will get back to your pro-self.


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How to Choose the Right Sales Automation Software



Why choosing the right Sales Automation Software is so important for growing your business?

With the right automation tool, sales processing can be like biking downhill for most companies. It can be painless.

Let’s face it: While getting bajillions of sales is great, the fact is, receiving truckloads of sales has its challenges to it. It is by no means all sunshine and rainbows.

What “challenges” am I referring to?

Think contact management, order processing, customer engagement, or order tracking, etc.

I can write an entire novel about the nuances of getting truckloads of sales. But then again, that’s not really the point of this guide, isn’t it?

I’m sharing this with you to help you with your sales processing problems.

Instead of you (or your company) processing everything manually, you can opt to choose sales automation software programs to save time.

With the right sales software, you can automate a good bit of your sales processing tasks.

What would take you hours (even days) to process, you can process in a matter of minutes with the right software.

In this guide, we’re going to talk about five of the best sales automation programs. We’re going to look into what each of them can do, and who, between the five of them is the best (at least, based on my opinion).

Let’s hop right in.

Why choosing the right Sales Automation Software is so important for growing your business?Growbots isn’t just your average sales automation tool — it is an AI for sales.

There are several good things to be said about this software.

For one thing, Growbots doesn’t just help their users with generating leads/data, but it can also be used for sales engagement.

That right there is a crucial bit since some sales automation tool only does one or the other.

These are some of the other crucial points about Growbots that’s worth mentioning:

  • Despite all the features and functionalities of the software, the platform is very intuitive and easy to use.
  • It generates your list automatically based on your Customer Relationship Management data.
  • The software has a self-updating database.
  • Extensive use of machine learning
  • It runs on autopilot and it can help you with your campaign management (inbox management or rescheduling, etc.)
  • The company has a rock star customer support team. They get things done, and they do it fast.
  • Salesforce bi-sync

It’s also worth noting that the company has over 90 employees where 30 of them are in product development.

Their team members are also made up of seasoned marketers; those who have a solid grasp of what their customers’ needs are.

With how the platform works, it is ideal for small to mid-sized businesses that has a sales team for closing and lead generation.

Why choosing the right Sales Automation Software is so important for growing your business?ZoomInfo specializes in lead generation.

Its Growth Acceleration Platform helps its users generate a list of targeted people who are a close match to their ideal customers.

The platform is able to come up with several pertinent data about the list that they generated like email addresses, phone numbers, employment history, or even web mentions (among other things).

The tool can also help their customers with database analysis where they can conduct an audit of their accounts or contact records, or even see the trends within their customer base.

ZoomInfo has four main platforms:

  • Contact and Company Search
  • Data Management
  • Account Targeting
  • Campaign Optimization

Why choosing the right Sales Automation Software is so important for growing your business?Just like ZoomInfo, DiscoverOrg’s forte lies in generating leads.

The platform provides their users with a list of people that match their buyer persona’s profile. DiscoverOrg automates the process of generating the list of profiles so their users can focus on outreach and closing sales.

It’s worth noting that DiscoverOrg can filter/categorize its generated list by department so their users can create a strategic — let alone personalized — outreach message when reaching out to the people on the list.

The software can also tell its users about the tools and software that their prospects are already using. This makes it easier for DiscoverOrg’s users to create a compelling sales pitch when contacting the people on their list.

If there’s a clear downside about both ZoomInfo and DiscoverOrg, it’d be how their software doesn’t have inherent outreach features that allow their users to connect with the people on their list.

DiscoverOrg, however, partnered with to give their users a means of connecting with their audience.

Why choosing the right Sales Automation Software is so important for growing your business?
Outreach is a sales engagement platform that sales representatives or managers can use to close more sales, improve the productivity of their sales team, and keep their CRM updated (among other things).

Whether you’re a sales representative who prospects, closes sales, manages an account, or you’re with the sales management & leadership team, Outreach can help optimize your workflow so you can do more in a shorter span of time.

The platform has several features to help you manage your sales process:

  • Inbox integration
  • Intelligent sales automation
  • Voice Dialer
  • Sales sequence

Outreach even has Engagement Analytics features for their users to help them analyze how their campaigns are going.

Of course, the more insight they get about their campaigns, the better decisions they can make about driving more sales.

Why choosing the right Sales Automation Software is so important for growing your business?Salesloft is a software that salespeople can use to engage with their audience.

The platform prides itself as an “all-in-one-place” for your sales processes. While the statement is certainly true to some extent, I’m afraid the platform’s focus is mainly on sales engagement.

When it comes to generating a list of profiles, Salesloft is far from Growbots, ZoomInfo, and DiscoverOrg’s level.

Salesloft has several amazing platforms that can help you optimize your sales engagement process. They have an email platform, dialer, analytics, and integration (among others).

While there are a lot of good things to be said about Salesloft, I’d like to highlight how the platform has the Live Call Studio feature.

The feature is what managers and trainers can use to coach their teams in real-time.

With how crucial training can be for a company to excel at their sales initiatives, Salesloft’s Live Call Studio is without a doubt a good addition to the platform.

Who’s the winner?

While all the programs that we covered are amazing in their own right, I’d choose Growbots to be the best sales automation software.

Not only does the platform have both lead generation and outreach features, but Growbots even automates both processes.

The other four platforms, however, can only be used either for lead generation or sales engagement, not both.

It’s also worth emphasizing that the quality of leads that Growbots generates are of higher quality.

With other lead generating platforms you’ll get tons of undelivered emails or wrong phone numbers; this rarely happens with Growbots.

What’s next?

What are your thoughts about the sales automation programs that we covered?

Have you had the chance of using any of them?

What kind of results have you gotten from using the software?

If there’s anything that you’d like to share with the community, then please add your ideas in the comments section below. Cheers!


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Comparing Employee Advocacy Apps: Smarp vs. Dynamic Signal



Smarp vs. Dynamic Signal: Here is a comparison between the two Employee Advocacy Apps

Do you want to improve your company culture while also getting help from employees to share your content? Choose the best employee advocacy tool for your company’s needs, and you’ll unlock better engagement, both within your office and with the general public.

Work occupies a major chunk of your employees’ lives. They spend about a third of their days working, and the vast majority are likely satisfied with their jobs. As it is a major part of their lives, they’re bound to chat about work both online and offline. Some 50% of employees already share content about their employers online. People will always be on the lookout for quality content to share.

Therefore, it is important for companies to equip employees with the right information and resources. Employees can share information while having offline conversations and on social media.

An informed employee will share the latest and best information about your company. This helps to create a positive brand reputation and drive traffic to your website, as employees can increase reach tenfold.

The best way to keep employees informed and spreading the good word is with an employee advocacy platform. Choosing the right platform can be hard, though, as there are so many options available. Two of the options you can’t go wrong with are Smarp and Dynamic Signal. Both have their strengths and weaknesses. I have compared them side by side in this article to help you select the right one for your company’s situation.

The Pros and Cons of Using Smarp

Smarp is a well-rounded employee advocacy tool. It has all the features you need to encourage employees to share content on social media, to measure impact and to collaborate and inform one another regarding projects.

The Pros and Cons of Using SmarpOne of the biggest advantages of using Smarp is that it is so easy to post content. You can share links, images and text messages. You can also move the content so that the most important content appears at the top of topic-organized feeds. To save time, they even let you integrate your social media accounts and RSS feeds so that content appears automatically. Posts can also be scheduled in advance to go live and be archived at set times.

The Pros and Cons of Using Smarp

Employees can access this information via their browsers or dedicated mobile apps. They can comment on this content and share it with their friends and followers on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and more.

Smarp also integrates with apps like Slack, MailChimp, Google Analytics and Dropbox. This simplifies various tasks and makes it easy to do things like track the traffic that employee social posts drive to your site.

The Pros and Cons of Using SmarpTheir advanced gamification features entice employees to share more by making sharing an enjoyable experience. One of these features is a leaderboard that creates a contest between team members. Employees can also earn points for sharing. These points can either be exchanged to donate money to charities or to claim rewards.

Smarp’s advanced analytics is second to none. They provide both company analytics for admins and personal analytics for employees. Using company analytics, you will be able to see your best performing content and most influential employees. Smarp also calculates the earned media value of your team’s posts.

The Pros and Cons of Using Smarp
The employees’ personal analytics reports help them check how their shared content is performing across social media. They also have a feature called SmarpScore that makes it easy to measure their performance.

Most employee advocacy software companies get you to sit through a demo. You will only be able to sign up and get a quote after this taxing session. But not with Smarp. Here you can instantly sign up for a free 14-day trial and test drive the tool. Pricing is also available publicly, starting at 3.5€ per user per month. If you prefer a demo or managed onboarding, they have those options too.

On the downside, Smarp’s messaging and communication features aren’t the best. The only way employees can communicate with each other and with management is through comments. Of course, you can track employees with analytics, but if you are looking for more hands-on collaboration and workflows, this solution isn’t going to cut it.

Smarp’s strength lies in keeping employees informed and getting them to share your content.

The Pros and Cons of Using Dynamic Signal

Dynamic Signal isn’t as much of a well-rounded tool as Smarp, but it has some great features that other employee advocacy tools do not, making for an intuitive and engaging experience.

The Pros and Cons of Using Dynamic SignalDynamic Signal has well-designed apps that make it easy for you to share the latest company news and other content with your employees. Delivery and readership of messages can be tracked. This helps you share content at the right time with only the most interested employees.

You can also alert employees about the latest content using Facebook Messenger, SMS, and Slack.

The Pros and Cons of Using Dynamic Signal

Employees can share content they like onto social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin.

The platform’s advanced communication features help you get detailed feedback from employees through quizzes and surveys. This will help you build an engaged internal community, using the app as a hub. You can also use the data to steer a work culture that will improve company performance.

The Pros and Cons of Using Dynamic SignalYou also have detailed analytics to track other metrics that you cannot obtain through communication only.

On the cons side of the equation, sharing features aren’t very well developed, as Dynamic Signal is more focused on improving communication.

To try it out, unfortunately, you’ll need to sign up for a demo. Pricing information can only be obtained after this session. You cannot sign up for a trial instantly, on a self-serve basis.

The Best Platform for Your Team

As you can see above, both of these leading employee advocacy tools have their pros and cons. Smarp is a more well-rounded tool, but its internal communication features are a bit thin, while Dynamic Signal is more focused on internal communication, rather than public-facing content distribution.

You should choose the tool that satisfies the specifics of your organization’s needs. If you are looking for a solution to help understand your employees better, Dynamic Signal may be the best option. If you want one to make your company content go viral, yielding traffic and leads that will help you generate more revenue, you should consider Smarp. Also, Smarp is the better choice if you don’t want to sit through a demo in order to experiment with the tool for free.


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Is Nxt The Blockchain Company That Could Solve The Democratic Fatigue Syndrome?



Is Nxt The Blockchain Company That Could Solve The Democratic Fatigue Syndrome?

The words “voting” and “democracy” have become tantamount. History lessons in Western countries have instructed us that the act of voting is the best and most correct way of choosing your representative, and we’ve grown used to not doubting this or looking for any alternative. The government’s own attitude towards the voting system reflects also in the mind of its civilians. This agenda, that often supports current voting systems, has evolved over time because of theoretical “blinders” that prevent us from looking to the side; that prevent us from looking at any new ideas that could potentially replace the traditional and inefficient voting system.

Nxt, the Blockchain App

In 1948, the Declaration of Human Rights was published, and it stated that “The will of the people shall be the basis of the authority of government;” and it was widely received at the time. Private elections began, which were universal and equal in their suffrage. But there was another consequence that emerged because of the Declaration of Human Rights: the development of the Democratic Fatigue Syndrome. This phenomenon occurs when people participate in their country’s democratic elections but over time, find themselves despising the same politicians they themselves elected into power. Suddenly, a Catch-22 develops in what was meant to be a fair, equal, democratic election. While the current political voting system was established to bring power back to the masses, many citizens claim issues such as voting fraud and misconduct. Look at the 2016 US Presidential Election, which substantiated the Democratic Fatigue System, and proved how outdated current voting methods are.

Nxt is not trying to heal the Democratic Fatigue Syndrome nor change the way we vote. Nxt hasn’t reinvented the wheel with its ambitious blockchain technology; however, the decentralized nature of blockchain provides a potential solution to voting problems such as fraud and voting irregularities, which are unavoidable while the traditional voting system runs.

Usually, the process behind the ballot box goes as follows: When the last vote is cast, polling station volunteers begin to count the votes either by machine or by hand, and the summary count is then sent to another centralized location, such as a courthouse, for tallying. Your vote disappears after the first tally, where the volunteer worker at the poll station puts all votes into one big sum; your vote no longer stands by itself, it becomes part of a ‘majority decision’. To understand the gravity of the method, it is important to note that at every step of the process your vote is sent to an intermediary with the capacity to miscount, lose, or neglect your ballot.

The decentralized nature of blockchain technology provides a potential solution to the voting problems described. Using blockchain as a system of voting can be adopted for the use of private businesses and other institutions as well. With the Nxt blockchain, voting is time-saving, paperless, immutable, immediate, and highly secure. It can even be done with a mobile application! Imagine being able to securely and safely vote in the next election from the comfort of your home! This is just one of the many ways Jelurida; the development company behind the Nxt and Ardor blockchain platforms is using blockchain to enhance our lives.

The appeal behind blockchain is the fact that it gives the power to the masses as opposed to shareholders, C-level executives, politicians, or even the overworked volunteer counting your votes. Transactions on the blockchain are traceable and transparent. While this is the characteristic for all public blockchains, Nxt differentiates in that its structure allows the vote count to be instant.

The alternative “medication” for healing the side effects of the Democratic Fatigue syndrome is more complex, and would require a completely new voting process; in this case, compromise is needed. NXT is the most trustworthy solution offered today, as this blockchain tries to relieve the frustration we experience when voting, due to the inefficient system currently in place. The company does not intend to completely revolutionize the voting industry with its groundbreaking technology, but NXT brings a new, viable, and exciting alternative to a process that we’ve all grown disillusioned with, but still, have to participate in every four years, and for that, it deserves applause.


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