6 Stretches You Can Do in 6 Minutes to Stop Your Knees From Cracking and Popping

Are you listening to popping and cracking noises each time you bend your knees?

Chances are high, your muscle mass and connective tissues most likely simply want an excellent stretch.

Why Do My Knees Crack?

Bored with sounding like Rice Krispies in milk everytime you stand or sit? Cracking and popping within the knees will be the sound of fluid getting pushed about or it may be one thing extra severe involving bones and connective tissues.

Cavitation happens when joints transfer and the synovial fluid modifications stress, releasing carbon dioxide bubbles. That is widespread and no trigger for alarm.

Some folks may really feel a grinding sensation within the knees when squatting; if it doesn’t harm, it’s referred to as benign crepitus.

In the event you expertise knee pain when sitting or squatting, nonetheless, there could also be extra occurring.

Crepitus (the non-benign sort) happens when cartilage rubs towards the bones and tissues within the joint, ultimately carrying the cartilage and inflicting ache upon motion, usually a precursor to osteoarthritis. Pressure or harm to the knee joint may end up in tears within the meniscus (cartilage) or patellofemoral ache syndrome—stress build-up behind the kneecap. These situations needs to be reviewed with a medical skilled.

To ease the innocent however generally disconcerting creaks within the knees, listed below are six stretches you are able to do to loosen and strengthen muscle mass and connective tissue to scale back the sound results.

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