We are part of the generation where within 30 minutes of Beyoncé announcing her pregnancy to her 92 million Instagram followers, the picture received over 1.4 million likes. By the end of the day, the singer had broken the record for the most liked picture on Instagram, hitting the 6 million mark. We are the generation that may not have physically visited a place, but in pictures, there is no detail we don’t know. And so, for a generation like ours, holding the attention span can be difficult.

Which is why, an ideal way to keep the attention of a millenial with you is by leveraging the platforms they are already hooked to. WhatsApp is one of such platform. In fact, a big lot of the Gen Y and the Big Boomers are already joining the millenials in terms of addiction to the platform. After all, it has a user base of one billion people. So, if you have a team, and a WhatsApp group, here are five fun games you can play with your colleagues to stay productive.


How to play:

Write three clues which have a common connect. Ask your audience to find that connect and share their answers. Reply every answer and try to create engagement by providing hints. Ideal for sharing general company or product- related information such as things that three key members of your team have in common or three features your competitor’s products don’t offer. ALSO READ: WhatsApp ‘delete for everyone’ feature officially rolled out

What happens next?

How to play:

Share a comic strip or a small snippet, which highlights a situation or a problem and ask your audience for solutions. Ideal for process-related training like customer support or compliance such as a role-playing with a difficult customer complaint or tough sales prospect. You can even try role playing with popular office characters such as Dilbert to give it a fun element. You can use tools like Toondoo, StoryboardThat, Canva to create comic strips. ALSO READ: Mark Zuckerberg and family dressed up as vikings this Halloween


How to play:

Share a product name along with a resource file, like a pdf, video, and ask the followers to share interesting information or facts related to it. Just one rule – you cannot repeat information shared by others. Ideal for product training such as asking them to share information about the latest product range or what happened during a recent visit by management. ALSO READ: McDonald’s India is helping Google, Apple out in the cheese and burger debate

Word Jumble

How to play:

Jumble up a word and ask your followers to identify the word. Follow up with the correct answer and additional information related to the word. Ideal for communicating technical terms or important concepts.

A Daily Whatsapp Quiz

How to play:

Send out interesting questions daily on WhatsApp, and run a daily contest. Maintain a leaderboard for who’s coming out on top and give out monthly prizes. Make the questions fun and interesting or even appoint an interested party as the QuizMaster. Ideal for communicating concepts, history, product-related information These games are simple and easy to play. All you need is a WhatsApp group. ALSO READ: Beware: Your Apple iPhone has a category called ‘brassiere’ for your photos

Happy playing!