20 Things Everyone Gets Wrong About The Joker

The Joker is broadly thought of one of many biggest villains of all time. There are few heroes and villains extra brilliantly antithetical to one another than Batman and The Joker, a lot in order that it is simple to imagine that the pair have been conceived of on the similar time to be excellent rivals– surprisingly, they weren’t.

The Joker was first launched to the world in 1940; a surprisingly darkish character for the time who was then watered down a bit within the 1950s. After spending a while as a extra lighthearted, prankster sort, Joker’s edge returned within the 1970s and was finally sharpened additional as Batman’s comedian e-book universe grew a lot grittier.

Regardless of his campy flip within the 1960s Batman live-action collection, Joker’s portrayals outdoors of comedian books have usually leaned extra closely on him having a tougher edge, which has particularly been solidified by his numerous movie variations. The character additionally made historical past when Heath Ledger’s portrayal of him in The Darkish Knight earned an Academy Award, an honor exceptional for a superhero film.

Like most comedian e-book characters, The Joker’s traits and origin story differ relying on the medium, and he is been reinvented a number of instances even in comedian books. Usually talking, probably the most “official” model of the character is the one which exists inside the DC canon, and we’ll be utilizing that as a information for a lot of this listing about widespread misconceptions of Gotham’s Clown Prince of Crime.

Listed below are 20 Issues Everybody Will get Mistaken About The Joker.

20 His White Pores and skin Is not Make-up

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That is certainly one of a number of entries on this listing that may be blamed on the films for giving folks the unsuitable concept. In each the Tim Burton and Christopher Nolan variations of the Joker, his white face and crimson lips are in actual fact simply make-up that may be removed– and in each instances, he does precisely that in some unspecified time in the future through the film simply to hammer the purpose residence.

Nonetheless, whereas all the main points of Joker’s origin story stay a thriller, it’s typically accepted within the DC universe that the character’s pores and skin, “lipstick,” and even his inexperienced hair are all everlasting, the results of some kind of chemical-related accident.

19 He Does not Hate Batman

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Archvillains typically despise the hero that they’re continuously at conflict with– and more often than not, their hatred for stated hero is what drives them to a lifetime of evil to start with.

As foolish as The Lego Batman Film is, it really nails a specific reality about Joker and Batman’s relationship– it is not primarily based on mutual hatred, however in actual fact, the 2 sides “needing” one another to justify the opposite’s function.

Joker does not really wish to completely defeat Batman, as a result of that might spoil all of the enjoyable.

It is the dance that the 2 of them try this sustains the Joker, and he loves each minute of it. If  the Joker ever started to hate Batman or their “relationship,” he’d in all probability simply grasp up his purple go well with totally.

18 His Actual Identify Is Formally Unknown…

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Extra because of Tim Burton and Jack Nicholson for making a false impression concerning the Joker that has endured for years.

Whereas the Joker’s previous and id is formally virtually 100% a thriller, together with his actual identify, the 1989 Batman movie confirmed him dwelling his life as a person referred to as Jack Napier earlier than the accident that befell him and turned him into the legal clown. With that, many individuals started ascribing the identify Jack Napier or not less than Jack to the character, despite the fact that most official DC storylines do not corroborate that.

A giant a part of why the Joker works so properly as a personality is exactly as a result of we all know so little about him– and plenty of followers imagine that studying info about him like an actual identify would simply serve to humanize him an excessive amount of.

17 …And So Is His Backstory

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Here is what we all know: One thing occurred to the Joker in some unspecified time in the future in his previous to a) make him a whole sociopath, and b) completely alter his look. And that is about it.

Heath Ledger’s Joker’s fixed altering of the story of how he received his scars was a nod to the way in which the comedian e-book Joker usually alters particulars about his previous from one telling to the following.

He even famously quipped that his previous was “a number of alternative.”

Nonetheless, Hollywood does not at all times like that sort of ambiguity, so we now have Tim Burton’s Joker and Suicide Squad‘s Joker with in-depth backstories. We are able to solely assume that the upcoming Joaquin Phoenix film devoted totally to the Joker goes to additionally dream up some elaborate and detailed origin for him.

16 Harley Quinn Wasn’t His First Sidekick

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Since her debut within the early-90s Batman animated collection, Harley Quinn has seldom left the Joker’s aspect. The 2 are so connected on the hip that it is onerous to even think about a time earlier than she was his right-hand girl.

The truth is, Harley wasn’t the Joker’s first #2– that distinction belongs to Gaggy Gagsworthy, who debuted through the Joker’s sanitized period. That tells you a lot of what it’s essential to find out about him.

Past Joker outgrowing Gaggy as soon as he retained his unique edge and discovering a much more attention-grabbing companion in Harley, Gaggy is problematic below a contemporary lens as his stature as a bit of particular person was usually used as comedian reduction.

Gaggy briefly returned within the short-lived 2009-2011 Gotham Metropolis Sirens comedian collection however hasn’t been heard from since.

15 He Is not Truly Insane

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So the Joker is clearly loopy, proper? He has the gimmick of being a clown, he appears to position no worth on human life and no regret for the horrible issues he does, and he has spent quite a lot of time at Arkham Asylum. Looks as if an open and shut case for insanity– or is it?

Comedian author Grant Morrison has stated that the Joker really suffers from one thing referred to as “super-sanity.”

There have been several articles and think pieces that look at the Joker’s numerous psychological traits from a medical viewpoint, and the final consensus appears to be that he cannot really be recognized as insane. It is all a bit too difficult to get into right here, however primarily, the Joker is psychopathic and sociopathic however not criminally insane.

14 He Is aware of Batman is Bruce Wayne

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Each the Tim Burton and Christopher Nolan takes on the Joker positioned a heavy emphasis on the Clown Prince attempting to find Batman’s true id. The Darkish Knight has the Joker threatening to explode hospitals simply to study who the Caped Crusader is below his cowl.

Positive, there needed to be a degree earlier than the Joker knew that Batman and Bruce Wayne have been one in the identical, however in a lot of the comedian e-book variations of the character, he found the reality and really shortly received over it.

It really is not of a lot consequence to the Joker who Batman is when he is not Batman– it is solely Batman who fascinates him. He has little curiosity in boring Bruce Wayne or what he does through the day.

13 He Has No Romantic Emotions For Harley Quinn

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Individuals who really feel that conventional love tales do not apply to their relationships prefer to say that they need a love just like the Joker and Harley Quinn have. Past the obvious issues with this– that the Joker treats Harley like garbage– theirs “romance” can be fully one-sided.

Positive, he performs alongside along with her love for his personal egocentric ends, however it’s at all times only a recreation to him.

Whereas a few alternate-universe storylines– and naturally, the film Suicide Squad have dabbled in a Joker with romantic emotions for Harley, the extra canonical model of their relationship reveals the Joker not having any precise affection for Harley. She’s simply a subordinate who does his soiled work.

12 There Was A Feminine Joker

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There are undoubtedly a couple of issues that each single model of the Joker has had in widespread, and one of many huge ones is that they’ve all been male. At the very least, that is what most individuals suppose. These folks clearly by no means learn the Flashpoint collection of comics or noticed the direct-to-video animated film primarily based on it.

 Martha Wayne turns into the Flashpoint model of the Joker.

To be truthful, Flashpoint is taken into account an alternate universe story, that means there has but to be a fundamental canonical model of the Joker that is a lady.

It is nonetheless price noting that it occurred, alternate timeline or not. Here is hoping they maintain that side of the story for the upcoming DCEU film primarily based on Flashpoint.

11 He Is not To Blame For Bruce Wayne’s Mother and father

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It is not private for the Joker and Batman, and it does not must be– what makes the continued battle between the 2 so compelling does not require both of them to have a vendetta towards the opposite. Nonetheless, the 1989 film had different concepts.

The writers of Tim Burton’s Batman determined that the Joker needs to be the one who took out Bruce Wayne’s mother and father, giving him a very private motive to wish to go after the Joker.

It was all properly and good for that film, however the aspect impact is that it has led lots of people to mistakenly imagine that that is what the Joker does in most variations of the character.

10 He Goes After Different Heroes, Too

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The Joker appears so entertained by antagonizing Batman that it does not even appear to be he’d trouble messing with anybody else. For probably the most half, that is true– however he has undoubtedly combined it up with another heroes in fairly important methods.

The Joker has gone toe-to-toe with Marvel Girl, Aquaman, Inexperienced Arrow, The Flash, even Superman on a number of events.

The truth is, within the Injustice alternate timeline primarily based on the online game collection of the identical identify, the Joker works his particular “charms” on Supes so properly that he will get the Man of Metal to drive his arm straight by the Joker’s chest in an uncharacteristic act of rage and brutality.

9 He is seen outdoors of DC – with Scooby-Doo and Marvel

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Comedian e-book corporations clearly have a historical past of leasing out their characters for the correct value, as evidenced by Marvel as soon as being in such dire monetary straights that they bought off the film rights to Spider-Man, the X-Males, the Unbelievable Hulk, and the Improbable 4.

Whereas the Joker might appear to be he is by no means left the confines of strictly DC-based tasks, he has really crossed over into different universes a number of instances. He joined Batman and a few of his fellow villains in a Scooby-Doo cartoon and was in a Choose Dredd crossover.

He was even a part of a weird Marvel Vs. DC crossover occasion that finally resulted in a Batman/Wolverine hybrid character referred to as Darkish Claw and a ridiculous mash-up of the Joker and Sabretooth named Hyena. No person was laughing.

8 Heath Ledger’s Passing Had Nothing To Do With Enjoying The Joker

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It was information that blindsided the world– actor Heath Ledger, proper in the course of filming his portrayal of the Joker in Christopher Nolan’s second Batman movie, had tragically misplaced his life attributable to what was found to be a nasty combination of medicines.

Instantly, folks assumed that Ledger intentionally selected to exit this world– and furthermore, that it was as a result of enjoying the Joker has contaminated his thoughts and triggered him to be in a darkish place.

Ledger’s sister spoke out towards these assertions, saying that the actor was having the time of his life enjoying the character and that it wasn’t having any detrimental results on his psychological well being. An investigation would also reveal that the overdose was an accident and never intentional, and located no unlawful substances amongst his private belongings.

7 He Could Truly Have Some “Superpowers”

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One of many issues that Batman followers level to about why they love the character a lot is that he is in the end only a common, mortal particular person Along with that, his biggest foe can be only a common man with common human weaknesses.

There may be quite a lot of proof to recommend that the Joker would possibly even have “superpowers.”

The Joker has fallen from nice heights, been in large explosions, and all varieties of comparable conditions {that a} common human would simply succumb to– but he is again within the subsequent difficulty, unscathed.

Lest you wish to chalk that as much as inventive liberty, take into account that the Joker has confirmed invulnerable to Raven’s psychological powers, which might recommend precise tremendous powers.

6 The Joker Could Be “Performed” By Totally different Folks

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Since we do not actually know the Joker’s actual identify or something about his non-Joker life, we now have no motive to imagine that there was a couple of particular person to play the function of Clown Prince of Crime. What if that is not the case? What if the Joker is one thing of a Dread Pirate Roberts; a legacy that a number of folks can take up the mantle of?

The Three Jokers miniseries tackles this idea head-on, having three separate folks portraying a model of the Joker concurrently.

Previous to this, fan theories have continuously pointed to the chance that every time the Joker appears to be reinvented in some main means, it is not the prevailing Joker evolving however a brand new particular person taking up the id.

5 He Hasn’t Been A Fixed Determine In The Comics

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Past the yearlong hole between Batman’s debut and the Joker’s, most individuals assume that the 2 characters have co-existed within the 70+ years since they met. As a matter of reality, the Joker really went fully MIA in comedian books for almost a decade at one level.

As we beforehand talked about, the Joker was as soon as watered down attributable to tightened restrictions by the Comics Code Authority. Dropping his edge and with solely a lot to do with a foolish prankster clown character, DC successfully put him on hiatus from 1964 to 1973, when he was lastly in a position to return to his darker roots.

Curiously, it was throughout this time-frame that the Batman TV collection debuted– and with it, Caeser Romero’s delightfully goofy tackle the character.

4 Mark Hamill additionally voiced a live-action Joker

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The talk over which actor has performed the Joker finest has raged for years and can clearly by no means be settled. Whereas many solely select to debate those that have performed him in live-action, there’s a legion of followers who will at all times go to bat for Mark Hamill’s flip as numerous animated variations of the character.

Hamill first performed the Joker within the iconic Fox Batman animated collection, and has since reprised the function in numerous different animated tasks in addition to the Arkham collection of video video games. What most individuals do not realize is that Hamill really as soon as performed a live-action Joker– sort of.

In a quick cameo within the DC-based TV collection Birds of Prey, a blurry look by the character was represented bodily by Roger Stoneburner, however was voiced by Hamill.

3 Solo Joker Comics Do not Promote Effectively

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The Joker is clearly an especially common character. He is so common, in actual fact, that Warner Bros. is banking on an upcoming self-titled film for the character. A collection of comedian books starring the character looks as if it might be a slam dunk– solely, that did not show to be the case.

In 1975, simply because the character was making his huge comeback after his hiatus, he starred in his personal comedian e-book collection merely titled The Joker that noticed the clown happening capers that did not contain Batman in any means.

The collection proved to be a dud, solely managing 9 points earlier than its cancellation.

It will be the final time DC ever tried an ongoing Joker-focused solo collection, particularly one that does not embody Batman. It simply goes to indicate that the Joker actually does want Batman to justify his existence.

2 Bob Kane Took Too A lot Credit score For Joker’s Creation

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The extra you dig into Bob Kane, the person who was lengthy credited as the only creator of Batman, the extra you notice he had a historical past of not giving correct credit score/compensation to others for serving to to conceive of Batman and different characters. It’s typically agreed upon that Invoice Finger doubtless did simply as a lot, if no more, than Kane did in actually creating Batman.

With regards to Batman’s biggest villain, not solely did Bob Kane additionally attempt to downplay Invoice Finger’s contributions as soon as once more, however he principally gave zero credit score to artist Jerry Robinson. Consultants and historians have since come to the conclusion that Robinson in all probability did extra to create the character than anybody else, basing Joker on a personality from a silent film referred to as The Man Who Laughs.

1 He was solely speculated to be in a single difficulty

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It could be an overused cliche to name a personality the yin to a different character’s yang, however there actually isn’t any higher approach to describe the way in which that the Joker and Batman are two halves of the identical entire. The Joker is only a excellent antithesis to Batman in appears to be like, attitudes, guidelines, and beliefs. Most individuals assume the 2 have been created on the similar time to be bitter longtime rivals.

Not solely have been the Joker and Batman not conceived of collectively, however the Joker wasn’t even deliberate to be round for that lengthy.

Initially, he was going to fulfill his finish inside his debut difficulty.

It was determined that his potential as a Lex Luthor to Batman’s Superman was too nice, and he shortly grew to become the Caped Crusader’s main antagonist for many of his existence since.

What different huge misconceptions are there surrouding The Joker? Tell us within the feedback!

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